7 Women Who Have More Brass Than You Do

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Let’s hear it for the girls, yeah? How boring would this world be without some kick ass women? The battle of the sexes is one that many people can’t wrap their head around. Understandably. There are inevitable truths about the differences between men and women, like the fact that there is no such thing as physical equality, but that applies to all humanity. Heck, it applies to all animal lifeforms. Hopefully we’re getting to a point where we, as humanity, can admire accomplishment. Let’s consider the seven brassy ladies on this list.

7. Angelina Jolie

Oh, she’s a beauty. She is so aesthetically blessed, she’s intimidating. There is a reason why she is married to Brad Pitt, and a reason why their personal relationship was born of a work relationship—even Brad was intimidated. People who aren’t intimidated are fellas like Billy Bob Thornton, and he’s a different brand of brass altogether. But, we’re not here to talk about Angie’s looks. We’re here to talk about how undeniably cool she is. This woman has a heart that bleeds with compassion. She has taken it on the chin from news media, social media and every opinionated blogger the world over, but she continues to grind in the realm of charitable work. Additionally, she’s made quite a life for herself in the male dominated film industry, to the point that she’s a shot caller. And lets not forget about her cancer prevention methodology. Yowza.

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6. Kathrine Switzer

Do you recognize the name Kathrine Switzer? Probably not. But you should. She was a game changer in women’s sports, even though she wasn’t pursuant of athletics as a career. Kathrine famously duped the system and ran in the all-male Boston Marathon in 1967. The most famous running race in the world, and she was the first woman to run it. She was beloved by most of her fellow competitors, but one of the race organizers literally tried to drag her off the road. He was body checked by Kathrine’s boyfriend, who was an All-American football player. He sent the fella flying across the road into a ditch. A truth captured by photographic evidence. Kathrine is one of those eternally youthful individuals who is still a delight to listen to in her golden years. In 1972, women were welcomed into the Boston Marathon.

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5. Maggie Parker

Here’s another gal you’ve probably never heard of. And she has earned the feminine distinction of gal, because she’s not a girly girl—whatever that means—nor is she into traditional “ladies sports.” Maggie Parker was the first female participating in the competitive sport of professional bull riding. Maggie wasn’t messing around when she jumped into the ring at the age of 16, where she admitted to being quickly tossed from her first ride; however, she loved the adrenaline rush, and was anxious to get back on and “dance” with the four-legged beasts.

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4. Megan Ellison

Megan Ellison is taking over Hollywood. The daughter of entrepreneur Larry Ellison, Megan and her older brother, David, opted to get in the movie mix when their pops said, “Hey, here’s some money…I wanna see you all turn this into something.” Obviously, that’s a paraphrase, and an imagined one at best, but both siblings have done some impressive work in Hollywood, and at relatively young ages. Megan is only 31, but was laying industry track in her 20s. The most impressive aspect of her professional resume to this point? Her quality offerings. She could take money, and focus on making money, but she is wholly focused on making great art that still manages to sell. A few of the films she has produced: Her; Foxcatcher; The Grandmaster; Zero Dark Thirty; True Grit. Keep ’em comin’, Megan. We tip our cap to your badassery.

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3. Serena Williams

Serena Williams. Hasn’t it already been said? Here is something that hasn’t been said often enough. Serena Williams has displayed such tremendous growth as a human begin, while growing up in the spotlight, she should serve as an example for everyone. How many people have had the world privy to their worst days? Absolutely, Serena has a faction of people who loathe her, but those people are perfect and none of us can compare. So, we’ll leave them as judges, jurors and executioners. But to think back to Serena’s ugly incident with a tennis umpire when she completely lost her head during a match, to losing the match that cost her the opportunity at a calendar Grand Slam in 2015…? Night and day. She took the toughest loss of her career on the chin, and left the court with grace. And yeah, she could crush you.

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2. Betty White

Everyone loves to love Betty White, but few people realize how important Betty White has been in the world of entertainment, or specifically, for women in comedy. Betty has been doing it a long time. How long? She enjoyed her first career gig in 1939. We’ll repeat that: 1939. Yes. Before World War II. It’s as if nothing can phase this woman. She has enjoyed career resurgence after career resurgence with each chapter of her life, and she has outlived nearly all of her peers. While you’d have to state that she’s in the twilight of life at 94, you’d have to feel a bit foolish for making such a statement. There’s every chance that Betty will still be hustling, and making appearances in Super Bowl pregame promos come Super Bowl 65. She is an inspiration, and a perfect example of what to aspire toward in “old” age.

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1. Holly Holm

Holly grabbed the spotlight in 2015, pointed it at herself, then quickly left the scene. It wasn’t that she wanted the spotlight shining on her, it was just necessary in order for her to complete a task. This woman is that efficient. For all the excuses people made for Rhonda Rousey after she was KO’d by Holm in the second round—she was tired, or she wasn’t in her best shape—perhaps the truest post-fight statement was just that Holly was, and is, a better fighter. Now, about Holly, and about her brass. This is a woman that is totally intimidating, yet completely inspiring. Her strength and fitness levels are so impressive, she makes you want to ditch all your plans and get straight to the gym. And the most impressive thing about Holly? Her humility. She wouldn’t lord over a fly, she’s so humble…and that is terrifying.

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