7 Of The Deadliest Spiders On Earth

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So many of us are afraid of spiders and with good reason – many of them are really scary-looking and some of them are notoriously deadly. Most of us will never actually come into contact with any of the deadliest spiders; however, that doesn’t stop us from shaking with fear at the thought. For those of you who are interested in knowing which spiders are most dangerous to people, we have collected 7 of them. Some of them might seem pretty benign, but don’t be fooled – one of their bites might actually kill you. If that doesn’t scare you, their pictures definitely will.

7. Six-Eyed Sand Spider

The six-eyed sand spider is found in deserts and other sandy places in Africa and South America. Also known as the six-eyed crab spider because of its flattened stance and laterigrade legs, it camouflages itself and blends into its surrounding. When it hunts, it buries itself in the sand and then ambushes its victims when they get too close.

There have only been two suspected cases of a six-eyed sand spider biting a human; however, neither has been proven. Toxicology reports have demonstrated that the spiders’ venom is particularly potent. In experiments, the venom from its bite was shown to be fatal to rabbits within 5 to 12 hours.

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6. Mouse Spider

There are 13 known species of the mouse spider, all of which can be found in Australia. There is evidence that the bite from one of these spiders can be just as serious as that of a funnel-web spider; however, mouse spider bites are far less common because these arachnids are not abundant in heavily populated areas.

Theses types of spider are ground dwellers and typically live in burrows covered with trap doors. Females generally remain in their burrows while the males, which can be identified by their red heads and jaws, can usually be found wandering searching for mates.

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5. Black Widow Spider

Black widow spiders are considered the most venomous spiders in North America. Their bites can be deadly, especially for the young and elderly. While they generally vary in size, the females are almost always dark-colored with a red hourglass on their abdomen.

These spiders have some pretty unusually mating habits. After they mate, the females sometimes kill and eat the males, which is how these spiders got their name.

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4. Brown Recluse Spider

The brown recluse spider, also known as the fiddleback spider because of the violin marking that it has on the top of its cephalothorax, is considered to be the most poisonous house spiders in the United States. These things are pretty creepy looking with six eyes, which are arranged in pairs. They have one median pair and two lateral sets.

Brown recluse spiders are considered dangerous because their venom is more potent that of a rattlesnake and is toxic to cells and tissues. Because their bites release much smaller quantities of poison in their victims, these spiders cause less damage than rattlesnake bites.

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3. Brazilian Wandering Spiders

Also known as the banana spider because they hide in banana plants, the Brazilian wandering spider is one of the world’s most venomous spiders. Its bites can be deadly, especially for children. Because there is an effective antivenom available, death from one of their bits is not likely.

These toxic spiders can be found in forests in Brazil, Latin America and from Costa Rica to Argentina.

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2. Funnel-Web Spiders

Funnel-web spiders are among the world’s deadliest spiders. They become quite aggressive when they are approached. During an attack, they generally maintain a tight grip on their prey and will bite repeatedly. There is at least one recorded case of small child dying within 15 minutes of a bite from a Sydney funnel-web spider; however, that was before the anti-venom was developed.

Funnel-web spiders are mainly found in the coastal and mountain regions of eastern and southern Australia, wandering around jungle floors, hunting for prey.

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1. Redback Spider

The redback spider, a cousin of the black widow, is just as dangerous as its relative. Their venom is quite poisonous and can sometimes be fatal, especially for the young and elderly. The adult female can usually be recognized by a red stripe on her upper abdomen; however, they don’t always have this telltale red marking.

Redback spiders can be found throughout Australia. They usually live in close proximity to human residences, which is why their bites are so common. They usually prefer dry, dark, sheltered areas, like out-houses, mailboxes, undersides of seats or under garbage or litter.

http://www.dryadmusings.com/2008/03/25/redback-spider-in-the-log-pile/ Source: www.dryadmusings.com
Cate Willikers

Cate Willikers