6 Coffee Beverages That Are Worse Than A Big Mac Source: BakenCakes

It’s almost hard to believe that any coffee beverage could have more calories than 2 all-beef patties, special sauce, cheese, lettuce, onions and pickles on a sesame seed bun. McDonald’s classic burger, the Big Mac has 530 calories, 27g of fat, 9g of sugar and 960mg of sodium. That’s almost half your daily allowance of fat and sodium in one sandwich. As bad as that might be there are still some coffee shop favorites that are even worse! Check out 5 of them here:

Starbucks -Venti White Chocolate Mocha

580 calories
22g of fat
75g of sugar
One of America’s most dominant coffee chains, Starbucks has some made good strides in reducing the fat and calories of their fancy coffee beverages but there are still a few that are pretty unhealthy. Like the White Chocolate Mocha which contains 580 calories, 22g of fat and a super sweet dose of 75g of sugar when made w 2% milk and whipped cream. At that rate, you might as well have the Big Mac. Source: Starbucks

Seattle’s Best -Large Frozen Birthday Cake Latte

640 calories
23g of fat
87g of sugar
Yes you heard right, birthday cake in a beverage. This sweet treat is available at Seattle’s Best locations but fair warning: if your order this morning treat know that you’re getting 640 calories, 23g of fat and almost 90g of sugar! Source: Yelp

McDonalds -Large Chocolate Chip McCafé Frappeé

750 calories
31g of fat
99g of sugar
McDonald’s has been working hard in recent years to make their McCafé concept a healthy rival to other famous coffee chains but with the standard lattes and cappuccinos they’ve also added some fancier blended drinks like the Chocolate Chip McCafé Frappeé but beware! With 750 calories and 32g of fat, these drinks pack a huge caloric punch! Source: Brand Eating

Dunkin Donuts -Large Frozen Caramel Coffee Coolatta

990 calories
47g of fat
130g of sugar
America may run on Dunkin, but no one’s going to be running any time soon if they make a habit of these belly busting beverages from DD. At nearly 1000 calories, the large Frozen Caramel Coffee Coolatta not only has more calories than a Big Mac but it has more calories than an entire Double Cheeseburger meal with medium fries and Coca-Cola. Source: Business Insider

Sonic Drive-In -Large Chocolate Java Chiller

1020 calories
58g of fat
105g of sugar
Sonic -America’s Drive-In may not be your usual morning coffee stop but they have plenty to offer on the breakfast beverage menu. Like the Chocolate Java Chiller, which contains a staggering 1020 calories, 58g of fat and 105g of sugar in the large size. That puts over half your recommended daily calories in one drink; and don’t think a smaller size is any better -the small, medium, and large size all have more calories that that famous McDonalds Burger. Source: Yelp

Krispy Kreme -Large Mocha Dream Chiller

1050 calories
41g of fat
94g of sugar
From the makers of the donut that literally melts in your mouth, comes the most unhealthy coffee beverage on this list. Krispy Kreme’s Mocha Dream Chiller will leave you dreaming alright -dreaming of the days you were thin! Source: Krispy Kreme
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