5 Odd-Looking Animals That Are Better Players Than You

These wacky, funny-looking creatures might get you to giggle, but chances are they’re laughing at you when it comes to your skills with the ladies! So take a few love lessons from nature’s oddest creatures. Have a beer with a llama, make a quokka your wingman, and get some fly style tips from a silkie chicken, and hatch a plan for a big night out with a tarsier…whatever the heck that is!

Here are five oddball creatures that have WAY more luck with the ladies than you do…

1. The Quokka

Got zero game on hump day? It’s perfectly all right, because you can’t help but feel a huge smile spread across your face when you catch sight of the happiest little critter on earth—the quokka! Now wouldn’t this little dude make the perfect wingman? Not only would the ladies be unable to resist his killer smile—they’re bound to believe you’re a barrel of laughs if his grin is this huge in your presence. Plus, this particular marsupial is nocturnal so chances are good he will keep party going all night long…or at least until you get lucky.

2. The Silkie Chicken

A pimpin’ fro and a soft feathery coat to die for, the silkie chicken has style and ego to spare. This bird is set apart from the rest of the barnyard for his atypically fluffy plumage, which actually feels like real silk. You could learn some humility from the silkie, who despite his fly physical appearance is renowned for his calm, friendly, contemplative nature. He’s the calm, cool, introspective bad boy of the whole dang farm.

3. The Beluga Whale

He’s short, he’s bald, and let’s face it, he’s kind of chubby—but the ladies still dig him. The beluga whale, despite being the George Costanza of the marine world, looks pretty darn silly pressing his huge head and really stubby snout (or beak) up against the glass at Marine Land. However, this playa has still got plenty of game despite his physical gawkiness. Beluga whales have amazing and otherworldly singing voices that have earned them the title “canary of the sea.” And we all know how much ladies love rock stars!

4. Llamas

You might be tempted to laugh and mock the passive llama as he stands there just staring you down and chewing. Don’t do it—llamas that feel challenged by lower creatures are prone to cage matches—bouts of spitting, kicking, and neck wrestling—that will leave you whimpering like a baby. Plus, the llama is the friend you need if you’re moving in a pinch. This guy can pack and carry roughly 30-percent of their body weight (up to 450-pounds) for up to 8 miles. Oh, I forgot to mention; the male llama also carries some serious cred in the boudoir. He will typically mate with his partner for up to 45-minutes at a time in a “kush” or lying down position. Now doesn’t that sound romantic? If that doesn’t leave you with stamina envy, I don’t know what does!

5. The Tarsier

Oh tarsier, what big eyes you have! This bulgy-eyed primate might induce plenty of laughter and name-calling. But before you insult him by shouting out “bug eyes” or “half pint,” beware of his buddies. When a predator attacks one tarsier, all the tarsiers nearby will come to his aid. Plus, look at those eyes. At approximately 0.63- inches in diameter tarsier’s eyes are as big as their brains, which means what this little guy lacks in size, he makes up for it wits. This makes him the perfect bud to plan a boy’s night out to remember. If he’s free, maybe he’ll help you with your Tinder profile.



Anna Ferguson