25 of the Most Famous Last Words Ever Spoken

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A lot is made of the last words a person says before they die. Perhaps the family and friends of the soon-to-be-deceased are hoping for words of wisdom, an apology, or the answer to a personal mystery. Those things rarely come.

Last words are often unexpected or confusing, since death rarely arrives according to a timely schedule. Here are 25 of the most famous, perplexing, inspirational, or just plain weird last words from famous people throughout history.

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25. Brittany Murphy

24. Captain Edward Smith

The captain of the Titanic to his crew, right before the ship sank.

23. George Harrison

22. Eric Garner

Said repeatedly while being held in a choke hold my police, one that killed him.

21. Groucho Marx

Making jokes until the very end.

20. Kevin Gosgrove

Said on a 911 call during the September 11th terrorist attacks, from inside his office in the South Tower moments before it collapsed.

19. Gary Coleman

18. Babe Ruth

17. John Belushi

16. Marvin Gaye

Said right before he was fatally shot by his father, Marvin Gaye, Sr.

15. Bob Marley

14. Steve Jobs

13. Roger Ebert

Final words of his last public article.

12. Karl Marx

11. Todd Beamer

Passenger on United Fight 93. These were recorded on a cell phone call before Beamer and other passengers attempted to regain control of a hijacked airplane on 9/11. The plan would later crash into a field in Pennsylvania, killing all aboard.

10. Jimi Hendrix

9. Elvis Presley

In response to his fiancee telling him “Don’t fall asleep in there” as he made his way to the bathroom.

8. Benjamin Franklin

When his daughter suggested that he would be able to breathe easier if he lay on his side.

7. Lucy Stone

American feminist and activist. Advice we should all listen to.

6. Bill Hicks

5. Princess Di

Following the car crash that caused injuries that would eventually kill her.

4. John Dillinger

Notorious bank robber who was shot while attempting to flee from police.

3. James Dean

Reportedly said right before dying in a car accident.

2. Leonard Nimoy

Last words said to the public, via his Twitter account.

1. Darrel “Dimebag Darrell” Abbott

Said during a live concert before a crazed fan gunned him down on stage.

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