20,000 People Watched A Livestream Of Pedestrians Avoiding A Giant Puddle In The UK Today

Puddles are captivating, aren’t they? What, you think they’re boring? Tell that to the almost 20,000 people who tuned into a livestream event revolving around people trying to avoid a giant puddle in Newcastle, England earlier today.

#DrummondPuddleWatch captured the attention of a nation today, with such highlights as “guy placing ‘slippery when wet’ sign in puddle”:

And person riding bike through puddle like a champ:

Wasting no time, someone has already put a bottle of what they claim to be actual Drummond Puddlewatch water for sale on eBay for the completely reasonable price of 65,900 British pounds. There are currently 41 bids.

Even the Star Wars UK Twitter account got in on the puddle action:

Sadly, the livestream has ended, but you can catch up on all the highlights right here.

(via: The Next Web)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)