10 Things Every Guy Should Have In His Man Cave

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It is the dream of every man to have a room which is purely for indulging in. This man room, sometimes called a man cave, should contain everything that a man could possibly want for relaxing and having a good time, either by himself or with a few buddies. Typically, this will involve items revolving around beer, sports, music, films and video games. Ideally, you will want this to be a classy and well-decorated room so that it is prime for relaxing in after a long hard day. Here are 10 must-have items for your man room.

10. Recliner

The nerve center for the room will be the throne that you relax in after a long day, and what better chair than a recliner? Comfort is the name of the game here, so it will need to be padded and have a lever recliner for times where you simply want to kick back and block out the outside world. This should be the first thing that you buy, and everything else should be built around the chair. You will spend many hours sat in this chair watching sports, playing video games, listening to music or simply relaxing, so be sure to choose wisely and don’t be afraid of splashing out. A built in cup holder would also be ideal, but failing this, a small table next to the chair would suffice for somewhere to put your beer and keep a bowl of snacks.

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9. A Huge Television and High Quality Audio System

When it comes to the television, the phrase “go big or go home” comes into play. You will spend many hours watching this television from your comfy recliner, and there is a good chance that you will be hosting Sunday football for your friends along with other big sporting events. You will want to impress and ensure that you feel fully immersed once it is switched on. You will also be watching films and playing video games on this television, and in both cases the bigger the better. A high quality audio system should be paired with this, and for music lovers this is also a must for when you want to sit back and give an album your full attention. If you are a music lover, like we know many of you are, then a man cave is the perfect space for a record player and your vinyl collection.

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8. A Fridge

A big television, a comfy chair, and a place for cold drinks are the “Big 3” when it comes to a man room, which is why they have kicked off our list. You should have a small fridge that is fully stocked, as you will not want to have to get up and leave your man room every single time you need a drink. It is also important to ensure that it is fully stocked anytime you have friends round. If space and money permits, having your own bar area complete with a range of drinks is a fantastic option and a very classy addition to a man room. This will allow you to offer your friends the “bar experience” without having to leave your home.

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7. A Gaming System

You’ve got the incredibly comfortable chair, you’ve got the enormous television and epic sound system, and you’ve got the fully stocked beer fridge—now you need the gaming system. Whatever console you pick will be your own choice and we are not here to judge or start a console war, but a gaming system is a must-have in any man room. Many men do not get to spend the time that they want gaming, and even feel judged when they do, but not here. In your man room you are able to play video games as much as you please, and you will have created the perfect environment to do so. In addition to a gaming system, you will also want a collection of games to play, and it is a great idea to have a few extra controllers and multiplayer games so that you can have game nights with your friends.

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6. Additional Seating

Although it is your man room and you are likely to spend a lot of time in here by yourself, you will also want to have friends around from time to time to watch the game or a film, play games or just to hang out. Therefore, you will want some additional seating in your man room. This could be a large sofa or several other chairs, and it is important that these are able to be pointed at the television so that you can all watch it together. If you opt for a few of the other items in this list, such as the bar, then you will have more seating, but these may not be ideal for relaxing in. When you do have friends over, be sure that nobody sits in your chair at any time (this is a bannable offence).

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5. A Vast Entertainment Library

Whenever you spend time in your man room, either by yourself or with a few friends, you will want to be entertained. This means that you will need a vast library of entertainment. There’s a good chance that you will have all of this already, but it simply needs moving into its rightful home. Although you may have Netflix or a similar service, a variety of films and TV series are important, as well as music and library of games. In addition to electronic entertainment, you may also want to have a collection of magazines and books to keep you and your friends entertained and well-versed. Equally as important is to have all of this entertainment stored neatly and on show, which can also add to the décor (bonus man points if you construct the shelving yourself).

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4. Pool Table/Foosball Table/Dart Board

Creating a “bar experience” in your room is the vibe that a large percentage of men will be going for, and this means that on top of to readily available cold beers, this will also include “bar sports.” This will of course depend on the space you have to work with and your budget, but a pool table, foosball table or dart board would be a great addition. Your friends are sure to be very impressed when you provide them with this kind of entertainment, and they are perfect for during half-time or after the big game. For bonus points, an arcade game will really add to the “bar experience” and is a great way to entertain. If you opt for a dart board, be careful where you place it as you don’t want a drunk friend missing horribly and damaging anything in this sacred space.

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3. Sports Memorabilia and/or Film Posters

Whilst it is important to have all of the core elements for relaxing and having some fun in your man room, it is also important to add some decoration. For many men, this will mean sports memorabilia adorning the walls. Sports jerseys, framed photos, autographed balls, scarves, bobble heads and all other types of sports memorabilia are popular choices and very quickly turn a room into a man cave. Being surrounded by sports as you are watching it can make it a much better experience, and it is an opportunity to show off your rare collection of items. Film posters are also a popular choice (particularly for non-sports fans), especially if you host regular movie nights. Whilst you will want to be original and have a few of your favorites, classic guy movie posters such as Scarface, Pulp Fiction and The Godfather are all great choices.

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2. A Card Table

The epitome of manliness, a card table is a fantastic addition to any man room. Perfect for a boys night in to play poker or euchre or whatever, this can also double up as a regular table if you need. If poker isn’t your game, then it is still great to have this table, as it can be used for playing any other type of card or board game. Whilst having a chair and sofa pointed at the television is crucial, it is also great to have an area where you can be social with your friends. On top of this, a card table can also be an excellent decorative piece that adds a tremendous amount of atmosphere to the room, which is always crucial when it comes to a man room.

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1. Personal Touches

Although we can make recommendations for what you should have in your man cave, it is your own personal space at the end of the day. You will want to have personal items in there to make it your own space and somewhere that you can relax. Only you know what this will be, but it could include items such as family photographs, a piece of artwork that you love, a bookcase full of your favorite books, a musical instrument, trophies that you have won, a desk so that you can write or draw, your comic book collection, figurines or anything that you are in to. This is your man room and it should therefore reflect your personality and be somewhere that you can indulge and be yourself. Anyone that enters must respect that fact, so be sure to make it your own space with your own personal touches.

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