10 Other Uses For Coca-Cola (Warning: These Will Shock You)

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Coca Cola is probably the world’s most popular carbonated beverages. It was first introduced over 100 years ago. For years, it has mostly been used simply for drinking purposes; however, you all should know that it is much more than just a beverage. It can actually do a multitude of interesting things. If you have a good supply of coke in your fridge, you can save yourself a lot of money on cleaning products and various medicines. We have listed 10 other uses for Coca Cola that will totally blow your mind and make you think twice about walking by it at the grocery store!

10. Removes Blood Stains

Coca Cola can help to dissolve bloodstains on your clothes. Mix it with your detergent when you wash your clothes.

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9. Helps with Bee and Wasp Stings and Mosquito Bites

Coca Cola can also help with bee or wasp stings and mosquito bites. The acidic content in Coke helps destroy the venom that’s left on skin by a bee or wasp sting and it also provides relief for mosquito bites because it destroys the insect saliva that causes the allergic reaction.

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8. Defrosts Ice on Windshields

In the winter, you can use coke instead de-icing fluid to defrost your car windows. Coca Cola quickly melts ice and simultaneously cleans your windshield.

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7. Removes Skunk Odor

If a skunk ever sprays you or your pet, have no fear – Coca Cola can help remove the offensive odor. Before you take a bath, pour Coke on the area where you were sprayed.

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6. Cures Nausea

When you feel nauseated, sip on some flat Coke. It is reportedly as effective as ginger ale in reducing nausea.

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5. Alleviate Stomach Aches

Coke can help alleviate your sore stomach. It reportedly can work as a rehydrating drink, helping your body to replace fluids and electrolytes.

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4. Cures hiccups

If you have the hiccups, hold your breath and quickly drink a glass of Coke.

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3. Tanning Product

For those of you who like tanning, here’s a cheap alternative to expensive tanning products – spray your body with Coca Cola and then expose it to sunlight.

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2. Cleans Burnt Utensils

To clean burnt utensils, soak them in Coke for about 30 minutes and then start scrubbing. Coca Cola helps loosen and dissolve the residue.

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1.Removes Rust

To clean rust off of metal, soak it in Coca Cola for several hours and then scrub it off with a scouring pad.

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Cate Willikers

Cate Willikers