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Long gone are the days of the simple pairing of waffles with butter and maple syrup (although there’s something to be said for the classic whip-cream and syrup combination of the Leslie Knope variety). The waffle has become a versatile breakfast food that can be accompanied by all manner of foodstuffs, which is a relief for anyone with a waffle iron (an appliance dedicated to one type of food doesn’t seem so crazy now, does it?). Considering the waffle is a glorified dessert item, it’s no surprise that a collection of mad food creators have come up with some unholy waffle confections that have to be seen to be believed. Here are 10 of the most ridiculous waffles known to man.

10. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffles are an old hat combination nowadays, but Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles House in Los Angeles has probably the most appetizing take on the classic dish around — that is, if you can stomach the ridiculously high 1,353 calorie count. The gigantic scoop of butter that the dish comes with may have a little something to do with that. Source:

9. Waffle Pizza Pocket

It doesn’t seem possible to improve on rolled-up pizza at this point, but the Waffle Pizza Pocket would suggest otherwise. Allegedly devised by the team at The Food Lab, the Waffle Pizza Pocket is almost ingenious in its simplicity. All that are required is a folded up piece of pizza and a handy waffle iron to turn your favorite cheesy pie into a next level pizza roll. Source;

8. Bacon Waffle On A Stick

The Rangers Ballpark in Arlington Texas, home of the Texas Rangers, has become infamous for its stomach-churning (or appetizing, depending on your diet) food creations, so it’s little surprise that they brought the same disregard for their fans’ waistlines to their demented take on the waffle. Introduced last year and selling for $8.50, the bacon waffle on a stick is exactly what the name implies and can be served dipped in maple syrup or covered in chocolate syrup in whipped cream. Source:

7. Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco

Arguably the most infamous waffle ever created, Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco is a truly sickening display of waffle misuse. Introduced last year as part of the faux-Mexicana fast food chain’s breakfast menu, the Waffle Taco became the standout item due its unorthodox appearance (how did it possibly hold together?). However, it seems this trifecta of waffle, eggs, and something resembling breakfast sausage wasn’t meant for this world, as Taco Bell replaced it with the Chicken Biscuit Taco earlier this year. Source:

6. The Pulled-Pork Waffle

Conventional wisdom might suggest that a waffle is only a waffle if it’s actually made from batter, but the Pulled-Pork Waffle makes a strong case for ditching this line of reasoning altogether. Created by the Vulgar Chef, this waffle is made entirely of pulled-pork and is topped off with a generous scoop of mac n’ cheese (which of course has bacon bits in it, because why not?). Maple syrup and butter need not apply. Source:

5. Chicken and Waffle Cone

This is such a no-brainer idea, it’s amazing it took as long as it did to take off. Discovered last year at the Wisconsin State Fair, the Chicken and Waffle Cone truly is the best of both worlds. Its portability allows chicken and waffle enjoyment on-the-go, it has the added bonus of beer-candied bacon. Ice cream waffle cones are so passé. Source:

4. Death By Chocolate Waffle

Count this waffle firmly in the dessert camp. Created by the food artisans at Guys Eat, the Death By Chocolate Waffle is a truly decadent treat for chocoholics everywhere. It contains both chocolate and white chocolate chips, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate brownies for good measure. Considering how delicious this waffle looks, death by chocolate may not be such a bad way to go. Source:

3. The Burj Waffle

Bringing a touch of Middle Eastern flair to the waffle world (well, at least in the name) is the Burj Waffle served at Catch Dubai in New York City. It’s a massive array of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream, chocolate mousse, and maple syrup sandwiched between layers of waffles. It’s not really clear how the waffle relates to Dubai in anyway, but it looks like a decadent delight all the same. Source:

2. Fried Chicken Waffle Burger

Yet another spin on chicken and waffles, the Fried Chicken Waffle Burger is ostensibly 3 burgers in one: fried chicken between 2 “cheeseburger waffles”, with the addition of a bacon and cheese for good measure. Created by self-described “burger pervert” Mathew Ramsey, the Fried Chicken Waffle Burger is a gluttonous mass of epic proportions. Source:

1. The Waffle Tower

Inspiring awe and dread in equal measure is the Waffle Tower, a waffle so gargantuan and extravagant that it demands to be called the most ridiculous waffle known to man. The Tower’s creators at Stella Culinary in California were in on the joke and assembled their creation just to see how big they could go. Standing 12 tiers of waffles high, the Waffle Tower contains bacon weaves on every tier, M&M’s, ice cream, eggs, cheese; even pepperoni and beets. Is it a work of art or God’s mistake? That’s really in the eye of the beholder, as opinions have been divided, with some praising Stella Culinary’s ingenuity, while others see it as a symptom of American’s obesity epidemic. Source:
Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)