10 Most Hilarious Cat Fails Source: YouTube

Cats are considered elegant and graceful, but not all the time. They sometimes can’t get their bodies to move in the ways they want, which results in pure hilarity, at least for those of us who are watching. There are other times too when they lose all signs of intelligence and do some pretty ridiculous things. It really makes us wonder what is going on in those furry little heads of theirs. We have rounded up 10 instances where cats have proven that they are clumsy and lacking in the intelligence department. We still think that they are pretty adorable though!

10. Fat cats can’t jump. Source:

9. This poor cat just got a swimming lesson! Source:

8. It’s Saturday night — let’s get “trashed!” Source:

7. Midnight snack, anyone? Source:

6. So close, yet so far away! Source:

5. In he goes! Source:

4. “About your TV…” Source:

3. This cat is going to need some physio after this fall! Source:

2. Beside every cat is a dog that is ten times smarter. Source:

1. This cat totally tried to attack itself and failed. Source:
Cate Willikers

Cate Willikers