10 Most Epic Viral Dog Videos Source: Huffington Post

Dogs are great. They are smart, loyal and loving. They are also pretty funny and ridiculously cute. YouTube is the best thing to happen to dog lovers. We now can upload all those amazing videos of our pets and share them with the world. When people get really lucky, their video goes viral. Right now, we are looking at the funniest, the sweetest and the cutest viral videos of our favorite furry friends. It was really tough to choose because there are so many amazing videos out there, but we managed to narrow it down. Here are the 10 most epic viral dog videos!

10. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s spider dog!

9. Watch this sad Pooch cry along with Adele.

8. This dog knows how to play fetch – but only with cats!

7. This lab lent this French Bulldog a helping hand.

6. This baby Corgi had an adorable reaction when he saw his reflection in the mirror.

5. Watch this French Bulldog argue with his owner about bedtime.

4. This little dog will not to eat alone!

3. When it’s time to hit the treadmill, Munchkin likes to put on her teddy suit.

2. This sweet little pug went crazy in this ball pit.

1. This dog tried to play fetch with a statue.

Cate Willikers

Cate Willikers