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They say necessity is the mother of invention. And that may be true, but it hasn’t stopped people from inventing some truly bizarre things to make our everyday lives easier and more convenient. And while not every invention is the microwave oven or iPod, there seems to be no end to the wonderfully weird creations people think up as solutions to life’s little inconveniences and to make our daily lives run more smoothly. Here are 10 inventions so crazy you will find it hard to believe they actually exist. But they do exist, no matter how weird they may seem.

10. Baby Stroller/Scooter Hybrid

Why push a baby stroller along when you can propel the stroller, and yourself, forward using a scooter that is attached to the baby stroller? Mothers and fathers have been jogging and pushing baby strollers for years, so it seems only natural that someone would think to turn a baby stroller into a de facto scooter that people can push forward with one foot. Not only is it faster than walking, but it helps tired parents to get their exercise, without straining them as much as running would. And baby’s love motion, as it helps rock them to sleep in the stroller. Looks like a win-win for everyone involved. Source:

9. Coffee Mug Clothes Iron

Who doesn’t like to drink a cup of coffee while ironing a shirt or pair of pants? Well, now you can combine the two activities with the clothes iron that is also a coffee mug. People can place coffee in the top of the iron and sip it while they’re pressing their pants, shirts and other clothing items. How genius is that?! After all, most people iron their clothes for work at the crack of dawn when they are tired and can barely see straight. A good jolt of caffeine is just the thing people need to better see all those creases in their trousers. Just be careful not to burn your mouth on this invention—both the coffee and iron will be piping hot. Source:

8. Baby Mop

Listen, your baby’s going to be crawling around the floors of your house anyway. Why not put the little bugger to work while they’re down there, and ensure that the floors are as clean as possible for them. This invention is essentially a baby onesie that has a mop attached to the legs and sleeves so that your adorable little one can do their part to clean the house while slithering around the hardwood and ceramic tile. Apparently, they’ve been using this weird little invention for years in Asia. And nobody says using it makes you a bad parent. Besides, who has the energy to clean the floors themselves after being up all night feeding and changing the baby? Isn’t it time the baby gave something back? Source:

7. Sleeping Bag with Arms and Legs

Let’s be honest, a sleeping bag is basically a sandwich baggie for a grizzly bear. I mean, can you imagine anything worse than being woken up in the woods by a pack of ravenous wolves or a hungry grizzly bear and have to struggle to get out of a sleeping bag? By the time you get out of the bag to run, it’s game over. Well, not with the sleeping bag that comes with arms and legs attached to it. Nestled in this baby, people just have to jump up and take off when being pursued by enemy wildlife. It’s warm and cozy like a sleeping bag, but with the added bonus of functioning like a snow suit that allows people to retain their mobility and spring into action at a moment’s notice. This is a sleeping bag for the true nature survivalist. Source:

6. Flask Tie

Who among us hasn’t wanted to sneak a drink at work? Now you can, thanks to the flask tie. It is a flask for alcohol that is conveniently slipped inside a decent looking neck tie. You literally can’t get the booze any closer to your mouth without holding a glass to your lips. And what better way to sneak a drink or two on the job without the boss catching you? Perfect for TGIF or those Monday blues, the flask tie is sure to help liven up any office or work place. And best of all, flask tie can hold any type of alcoholic beverage—from beer and wine to a nicely mixed Caesar or Vodka tonic. Whatever your poison, you can use it with the flask tie. This invention helps put a spring in the step of workers everywhere. Source:

5. Hug Me Pillow

We’re all a little lonely, right? And who doesn’t want to be held and cuddled in the dark of night? With the Hug Me Pillow none of us will ever really be alone again. This pillow synthesizes the experience of having an arm around you at night and is perfect for single people who just can’t make a relationship work. Let your boyfriend or girlfriend storm out the door. With the Hug Me Pillow, you’ll never be alone when sleeping again. No matter what your status on Facebook, you’ll always have a supportive arm around you to nuzzle you in and make you feel warm and safe in the wee hours of the night. Comforting, nurturing and not that expensive, the Hug Me Pillow is the alternative to a committed relationship. Source:

4. BBQ Brander

What barbecue chef worth his or her salt at the grill isn’t proud of their creations? Who hasn’t wanted to put their name on a gorgeous steak or juicy burger that’s been cooked to perfection? Well, now you can proudly put your John Hancock on each piece of meat you barbecue with the BBQ Brander. Spell out your real name or use a cool moniker. It’s all possible with the BBQ Brander, which lets people adjust the wording so as to mark their food as uniquely their own. Also helpful to distinguish meat products at a large family gathering where there may be more than one barbecue chef in action. Or at a cook-off or grilling contest, where the barbecues and competition tends to get heated. If branding works on cows, then why not on steak, right? Source:

3. Foot Powered Bike

You love to run. You also love to bike. You’re constantly having to choose between the two activities and it’s driving you crazy. But now, you no longer have to choose thanks to the foot powered bike. This beauty of an invention allows people to run with a bike strapped to them. You get the handle bars and tires of a bike while also running and getting that cardio workout you just can’t live without. Who says you can’t have it all? Biking and running at the same time—brilliant. Did we mention that it looks cool too? It sure does. And hey, weren’t peddles the worst part of biking anyway? Why wear running shoes if you can’t use them—know what we’re saying? Source:

2. Water Gun Umbrella

I don’t care who you are, everyone loves a good water gun fight. But the worst part is always stopping to refill the water gun. Not anymore. With the water gun umbrella, people can use a steady stream of rain to keep their water gun full at all times. And what better use for rain water? This is an environmentally friendly invention, for sure. Parents will love this invention too as it means their kids now have a reason to play outside when it’s pouring rain, instead of sitting indoors and playing video games. Plus, the water gun looks like a real gun, which means adults can use it for protection when walking home alone or to their car on dark, stormy nights. An all around awesome idea. Source:

1. Mobile Toilet Paper

When you’ve got a runny nose, it can seem like the toilet paper never stops flowing. And carrying around tissue paper in your pocket or purse is so cumbersome. It only makes sense to strap a roll of toilet paper to your head so that you can just keep it in front of your nose—literally. I mean, who has time to dig in their pocket for Kleenex? With mobile toilet paper, the roll is always within reach and ready to help with that nose that just won’t stop dripping. Perfect for kids and the elderly, this is one device people can strap on and forget about. Our only question is, what took so long to invent this baby? Source:
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