10 Hilarious Kid Fails

Kids can provide an endless source of entertainment, which is reason enough to have a few of your own. When are they just around, doing their thing, they do the dardnest things. They walk into stuff, get owned by the pets and fall off of things, which are all hilarious to watch. It’s amazing that some of them even make into adulthood given what they sometimes do. We have collected 10 epic videos of kids failing. These poor little guys have made some massive mistakes and their friends and parents have caught it all on video for us to enjoy. Poor guys!

10. This kid should have known better than to jump down a slide!

9. That has gotta hurt!

8. Honk honk! Beep beep! This kid is in a major rush to crash his little car!

7. This kid should probably give up biking for good.

6. This kid failed to jump over the pool.

5. This kid is super young and he already swears like a sailor!

4. This little guy fell off his bike and we couldn’t help but laugh.

3. This little girl went SPLAT!

2. This dog treated this kid’s head like a pillow.

1. This kid tried to throw this cat in the pool and failed – big time.

Cate Willikers

Cate Willikers