10 Hilarious Fat Cat Fails

Fat cats are great, if only for the entertainment that they provide. We personally find them so amusing. They try so hard to do the same things as regular sized cats, but they can’t because they are just way too fat. This isn’t really their fault though. Obviously they aren’t in charge of feeding themselves – their owners are and they should obviously know when it is time to put their furry little friends on a diet. We still think that fat cats are pretty great though, which is why we have collected 10 funny GIFs of fat cats trying and failing.

10. This cat is vehemently opposed to exercise – especially if someone else is doing it. Source:

9. This fat cat is way too heavy for this hammock. Source:

8. Is this cat too fat or this door just really small? You decide! Source:

7. This cat has no idea how fat she really is. Source:

6. This pudgy little kitty had some trouble with her balance. Source:

5. Another fat cat who obviously needs a bigger cat flap. Source:

4. This fat cat was obviously trying to fly. Source: Tumblr

3. This fat cat didn’t quite make it into the box. Source:

2. This fat cat can’t even scratch himself anymore. Somebody put him on a diet! Source:

1.Waffles the cat was having the worst day. Ever. Source: Buzzfeed
Cate Willikers

Cate Willikers