Hilarious Halloween Pranks Caught On Video

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By Jack Sackman

Well, it’s that time of year again – Halloween. And along with the trick or treating and bobbing for apples, it’s time to pull some truly awesome pranks on family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and random strangers. And if you are looking for some ideas for great pranks to pull, we can help. We’ve compiled videos of some truly epic and outrageous Halloween pranks that would be terrifying if they weren’t so funny. Check out these pranks. Hopefully, they will inspire you in your own pranking this October 31st.

10. Boo!

Sometimes the best pranks are the simplest ones. Case in point, this video where a guy dressed as the slasher from the Scream movies scares the kids reaching for candy on the front porch. What’s great about this video is that everyone involved seems to know that they’re about to get scared and that the guy by the candy is going to grab them, yet they can’t resist trying to take the candy anyway. People seem to know what’s coming but embrace the scare. Pretty cool.

9. Zombie in Gas Station

Who among us isn’t scared of zombies? Even if we won’t publicly admit it, zombies are pretty damn creepy. Especially the beat up, mangled and half-destroyed ones. Gruesome, right? Well, check out this video of a prank pulled at a gas station where unsuspecting people are confronted with a zombie that is scampering on the floor trying to attack them. The unsuspecting customers are really, really freaked out. Wouldn’t you be?

8. Werewolf in Cubicle

Ah, the old werewolf in the cubicle bit. This one takes a minute or two to get going but has a great payoff in the end. Our favorite part is the first woman, who walks right past the werewolf and doesn’t even notice. Of course, this prank involves some careful preparation, and patience. But it is totally worth it in the end. You’ll just need to have a boss who is either really understanding or shares your sense of humor.

7. Silly Scarecrow / Terrifying Zombie

A great example of the bait and switch scare tactic is this video of a seemingly friendly and silly scarecrow who is, underneath, a terrifying zombie. The reactions to this gag are priceless, especially the young kids in the park who seem to be genuinely freaked out and running for their lives. The best thing about this type of prank is that the bystanders never suspect a thing until it is too late and they are really freaked out. A great prank.

6. TrashMan Scare

Scares can come from seemingly any place on Halloween. Take, for example, this video of a man jumping out at people from a seemingly harmless pile of trash bags. What makes this prank work is that the man doing the scaring is, himself, dressed as a garbage bag. How great is that? This is the type of prank that has a socially conscious, as it will make people think the next time they walk by a pile of garbage bags. You never know who might be in there. Plus, the scene where the guy stops, drops, and opens up shop with breakdance moves is pretty amazing.

5. Killer Clown Prank

You knew we were going to slip a killer clown prank into this list, and this is one of the tamer ones you can find on YouTube. Many pranks involving clowns are super scary, elaborate, and borderline cruel. This video is a little sadistic, but nothing as bad as what else you can find out there. We love how the girlfriend in this video maintains her cool right up to the end and seems nonchalant when taking a phone call from her boyfriend in the middle of the night when she thought she was sleeping next to him. The payoff here is worth it.

4. Man Cut In Two

This prank is actually performed by a professional magician and comedian known as Andy Gross. He has his own website and seems to be dining out on this prank. Nevertheless, it’s a good one – namely because it is pretty freaky to see what appears to be a man cut in two walking around. And also because the people this guy encounters seem to be honestly terrified. Check out the woman who eats it in the sandbox trying to run away from this guy in a public park. An epic prank performed well.

3. Gorilla In The Bathroom

This one was a viral sensation last year and for good reason. The gorilla in the bathroom prank is a true classic. What we love are the bananas strewn all over the bathroom that most people involved in this prank don’t even seem to notice or mind. But what is really funny here is how everyone seems to leap the wall when confronted by the gorilla. Nobody seems to notice it’s a guy in a monkey suit – literally. Then again, I guess none of us know for sure how we’d react if confronted by a gorilla in a bathroom.

2. Flying Grim Reaper

Is there anything you can’t do with a flying drone? If there is, nobody told the people behind this epic Halloween prank. Check it out. They outfitted a drone with a grim reaper outfit and then took to flying it around a cemetery, as well as unsuspecting people in various recreation areas. This prank is so incredible; we wonder why nobody thought of it sooner. I mean really, this prank has it all – imagination, inventiveness, and some genuine frights. For our money, we can’t think of a better use of an aerial drone.

1. Jason Lives!!

Who can forget the ending from the very first Friday the 13th movie – you know when Jason Voorhees jumps out of Crystal Lake and pulls the heroine of the movie down with him into the murky, watery depths. Well, check out this awesome video of a person dressed as Jason from the Friday the 13th movies scaring the hell out of innocent people fishing at a lake. This prank is so elaborate, yet pulled off with such perfection that it sends people running for the hills and abandoning the people they’re with. Kudos for the use of the scuba equipment.

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