10 Disturbing Photographs That Will Keep You Up At Night

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October is a month all about horror films, creepy music, dressing up in terrifying outfits and generally getting spooked. It is a month of ghosts, vampires, werewolves and ghouls, and there is something brilliant and fun about scaring yourself stupid from time to time. We all know that the Internet can be a troubling and disturbing space, and it is somewhere that is packed with all kinds of horrifying and nightmarish images which are sure to keep you up all night, and get you in the mood for Halloween. Turn out the lights, and check out these 10 creepy images.

10. Viperfish

The ocean is a weird place and home to many creepy animals which do not look like they are not from this planet. This includes this friendly looking creature, who looks like he may have just crawled up from the depths of hell to pay you a visit. We know that vampires and zombies don’t exist, but this fish certainly does, which is likely enough to keep you on dry land, despite the fact it is a deep sea dweller. Known as a viperfish, it is able to create its own light to lure its prey, and typically they range from 12 to 24 inches in length. Although it spends much of its time in the depths, it is known to venture into shallower waters at night and will often be caught by sea fishermen. They do not survive well in captivity, so not too much is known about these terrifying fish.

http://iliketowastemytime.com/rare-deep-sea-predator-viperfish Source: Iliketowastemytime.com

9. Spider Tree

During the 2010 flooding in Pakistan, an unexpected side effect was that millions of spiders (including tarantulas) and insects climbed up into the trees to escape the rising flood waters. Here they spun webs, and the result is a beautiful yet utterly terrifying image of trees that appear to be cocooned and almost cotton candy like. The thought of millions of spiders contained up in these trees is enough to send shivers down your spine, and why that young child is stood underneath the tree is unclear, but it is not somewhere that many people would knowingly stand. Although creepy, it was clever of these spiders and insects to take to the trees and, fortunately, it meant that they were able to survive the tragic flooding, which dropped nearly 10 years of rainfall in just one week in Pakistan. Nobody had ever seen this phenomenon prior to the flooding.

https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Trees_cocooned_in_spiders_webs_after_flooding_in_Sindh,_Pakistan_(5571181942).jpg Source: Commons.wikimedia.org

8. Snake vs. Bat

This may look like a shot from a horror film, but it is actually taken in Australia and is more than enough to put many off the idea of taking a trip down under. It is clearly the enormous snake that has come out on top, but this is only a small part of what makes this such a nightmarish image. What is most troubling is the size of the bat that is being devoured, as it has a gigantic wing and what looks like a human arm complete with fingers. Just seeing a bat that size flying through the air would be enough, but when you have mammoth snakes that are big enough to eat bats that big it is a genuinely terrifying thought (and let’s not get started on the monster spiders and creepy crawlies you find in Australia).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifunPZ-NwDY Source: YouTube

7. The Mickey Mouse Club Meeting

Ordinarily, there is nothing disturbing, creepy or terrifying about Mickey Mouse. This all changes when you look at this image, which is a meeting of the Mickey Mouse Club in a theatre in the 1930s. It sees hundreds of kids and adults all wearing his mask, with the photo being taken from up on the stage. The fact that it is a black and white image dating back so many years also makes it seem scarier, and it is strange how such a joyous moment can come across as eerie. A mask has the ability to do this, particularly in large groups, as it takes away the person’s individuality and instead replaces it with just one face, making everybody anonymous. This would look creepy with any kind of mask, but like clowns, it can be much scarier when it is supposed to be a friendly face.

https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoryPorn/comments/1x2v4m/a_meeting_of_the_mickey_mouse_club_early_1930s/ Source: Reddit.com

6. Say “Cheese”

It is expected for kids not to smile during school photographs, but these images look like something straight out of a horror film. The old school factor once again makes these particularly creepy images, and it is hard to imagine having school photos taken in a similar way today. Each student has a completely expressionless face with their hands down by their sides, but perhaps the creepiest element is the fact that they are all standing equal distances apart from one another. They look much more like a group of zombies coming towards you than a group of students, but it seems that in this time people did not pose for photos, as it was relatively new technology. Fortunately, these kids were most likely completely normal and not coming to devour your soul.

http://imgur.com/YDA4e Source: Imgur.com

5. The Madame Tussauds Blaze

Everything about this photo is disturbing. On first glance it may seem like a twisted and troubled group of individuals, but it is in fact a group of melted wax statues. The demonic figure in the left-hand corner, the strange group sat down, the man with no hands and the heads on the floor make for a troubling image, and all their expressions seem disturbing too. The photo dates back to 1925, when an enormous fire broke out at the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London. The fire ravaged the wax statues and left them looking more than worse for wear. The disturbing yet fascinating carnage it left led people to claim that it was the “most thrilling fire spectacle London witnessed in years,” and this troubling image is one that people are unlikely to forget once they have seen it.

http://www.unbelievable-facts.com/2015/05/disturbing-photos.html Source: Unbelievable-facts.com

4. Not Alone in the Woods

On first glance this may seem like a photo of friends in the woods, but upon closer inspection you can see that there is a very faint figure of a person in the background on the right-hand side. The fog makes it difficult to see much, giving the image a creepy atmosphere, but it is clear that the figure is not a tree as you can see two legs (which also means that they were possibly looking straight at the camera). It is likely that the group of friends did not even realize this at the time, and it was not until they got home that they realized that they were not all alone in the woods. The woods are always spooky and make for an excellent setting for horror films, and images like this prove why, as what that shadowy figure was doing remains a complete mystery.

http://cdn.diply.com/img/7d67d922-fb14-4735-911e-829fdb3a6f2d.jpg Source: Cdn.diply.com

3. Old School Halloween

Most adult Halloween costumes these days are hardly scary, and instead people see it as an opportunity to show some skin. This was not always the case, as there are many photos of Halloween costumes from back in the ’30s which are genuinely disturbing. These costumes were not bought from a party shop, but rather the type created at home using old clothes and bed sheets. So if you are struggling for costume ideas this year then why not go for a more old school approach? It would be quite the shock to open up your door and see a kid dressed up like this instead of as Elsa from Frozen, but somehow it seems unlikely that society will go back to these disturbing homemade costumes.

http://distractify-media-prod.cdn.bingo/1551117-980x.jpg Source: Distractify-media-prod.cdn.bingo

2. Travis Alexander’s Last Shower

On June 4th, 2008, Travis Alexander was brutally murdered by his ex-girlfriend, Jodi Arias, in the shower of his house. Police found a damaged camera in the washing machine at his house, and they managed to recover some deleted images which showed the two in the shower (including this photo and the two in sexually suggestive poses), with others taken just after that show him bleeding profusely on the bathroom floor. He was stabbed over 25 times and had his throat slit, and had defensive wounds on his hands. Arias was convicted of first-degree murder in May of 2013, and sentenced to life in jail in April of 2015. In the troubling image you can tell by his eyes and his expression that something is wrong, and it is likely that this was the moment where he realized what she was going to do.

http://xrume.com/32-most-disturbing-photos-backstory/travis-alexander-last-shower/ Source: Xrume.com

1. Her Last Photo

This may seem like just a slightly odd picture of a young girl, but the horrible back-story makes it a genuinely disturbing image. The photo is of 14-year-old Regina Kay Walters, and it was the last photo ever taken of her. It was taken by serial killer Robert Ben Rhodes in an abandoned Illinois barn where she was killed. The troubling, tragic and terrifying image is likely to send a shudder down the spine of anyone who sees it, as everything about the image is disturbing, from her expression and body language, as well as the creepy setting in which it was taken. Sadly, Walters was not his only victim, but she was his last, as he was convicted of first degree murder in 1994 and sentenced to life without parole at Menard Correctional Center in Chester, Illinois.

http://imgur.com/XrrJErz Source: Imgur.com
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