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Lego is one of the most versatile creation tools in the world, allowing users to assemble a practically limitless array of different things. While being able to build a small house out of Lego bricks was akin to a rite of passage for many children, the size and complexity of some creations out there are enough to destroy your Lego-building ego forever. Truly, the only limit in Lego building is imagination (and time, money, technical know-how…but nevermind all that). The internet is jam-packed with impressive examples of Lego ingenuity and while it would be absurd to suggest that the following nine creations are the greatest things ever made out of Lego, they are definitely some of the coolest.

9. Freddie Mercury

Lego enthusiast Iain Heath, aka Ochre Jelly, created this fantastic tribute to the late Queen vocalist in 2011, but it still stands as one of the most striking Lego recreations of an iconic celebrity. Heath’s statue does a great job of capturing Freddie Mercury in his prime and the work on the singer’s distinctive yellow jacket (it actually looks like it’s flowing) is particularly impressive. Source:

8. Arrested Development Set

While a lot of intellectual properties have received their own official Lego sets (Star Wars and Marvel Superheroes, for instance), not every property is fortunate enough to get the same treatment. Thank goodness for the creative talent of people like Matt De Lanoy, as he took it upon himself to build a whole Arrested Development set, right down to the infamous stair car and the model home (which, to be honest, is probably a lot sturdier in Lego form than it was in the show). Check out all of De Lanoy’s Bluth family creations here. Blue Man Group Tobias needs an official release yesterday. Source:

7. Firefly’s Serenity Ship

Adrian Drake is clearly a loyal Browncoat, as his recreation of the Serenity from the short-lived sci-fi show Firefly is clearly a labor of love. Taking 475 hours over a span of 21 months to build and measuring 7-feet in length,  Drake’s Lego Serenity is pretty much a perfect scale model. The exterior not only has a number of moving parts like rotating engines, movable wings, and a detachable shuttle, but the entire interior is fully realized, right down to the ship’s crew. The only absent detail is the ship’s engine room, but Drake only left it out because it would have compromised the model’s integrity. Shiny, indeed. Source:

 6. Kid’s Bedroom

You wouldn’t want to sleep in it but that doesn’t mean that Nathan Sawaya’s Lego bedroom is any less charming in its details. Everything in the room, other than the walls and floor, is made from Lego. That includes the dresser (with fully-functioning drawers), a cello (which is actually playable) and the pillow on the bed. Seriously, why does that pillow have to be made of Lego too? At any rate, there’s no denying that Sawaya’s Lego room is pretty much the dream bedroom of every small child; at least until they develop severe back pain from that bed. Source:

5. Futurama’s New New York City

Here’s another impressive Lego creation from Matt De Lanoy, who has really outdone himself here. He spent more than two years building a detailed recreation of New New York City from Futurama. The city includes pretty much every Futurama reference you could think of, from the Planet Express building to a gun-toting Santa Claus robot perched on the Robot Arms apartment building. We’re not really sure why Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi are driving a landspeeder down the street but if anything, it just makes this set more awesome. Source:

4. Japan

Sometimes Lego projects are simply too massive in scale for one dedicated hobbyist to build by themselves. This giant Lego map of Japan is just such a project, as it it took the contributions of more than 5,000 people from six different regions of Japan to build. Assembled in 2012 to celebrate 50 years of Lego in Japan, builders were encouraged to envision the project as the Japan of the future, which explains why it contains so many towering structures. The only thing that’s missing is a Lego Godzilla to bring the entire nation crumbling to the ground. Source:

3. A Fully Functional Roller Coaster

Building a highly-detail Lego model is an impressive feat in itself but adding in full functionality to a design is on a whole other level of Lego engineering. Take Adam Tucker, for instance, who not only made an entire roller coaster model out of Lego but actually made it operational. Tucker isn’t even the only person to do this, as this other Lego coaster design actually has inversions and little Lego riders. It’s comforting to know that Lego people have thrill rides of their very own.

2. 3D Printer

3D printing is still a bewildering technology that feels like science fiction, yet somehow, Arthur Sacek took everything one step further by building a 3D printer out of Lego that works incredibly well. The printer can make pretty much any model representation out of a block of foam. Why the world needed a 3D printer made out of Lego is beyond us, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a mind-blowing accomplishment.

1. Working Lego Car

This is what putting Lego to work for you is all about. Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida managed to build a car almost entirely out of Lego and the crazy thing is that it can actually be driven. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the car also runs on compressed air, which powers the engine’s 256 pistons. The car can reach a maximum speed of 20 kph (18.6 mph). Sure, that won’t get you very far on any main roads, but who else out there gets to say they’re driving a Lego car?

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)