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Whilst we usually view many animals as being sweet, cuddly, affectionate and innocent, there is no doubt that sometimes animals are straight up jerks. Of course, most of the time they will have no idea what they are doing, but sometimes you get the impression that they are not as innocent as they seem, and it can be both shocking and hilarious to see something so cute do something so evil. So, the next time your dog cuddles up to you or you cat purrs affectionately, just remember that they may be waiting for the perfect opportunity to take you down a peg.

10. Screw Your Cups

This cockatoo has attitude and the style to go along with it. With its crest raised to give it a stylish hairdo, it dismisses each cup one by one, throwing them to the floor seemingly in disgust. It then knocks one over the side with its feet, before making a complete mess with the rest. Brilliantly, we then get a glimpse of the floor which is covered in cups, making it clear that this had been going on long before the camera started rolling. Although beautiful and entertaining birds, cockatoos are regularly known to be jerks and this one clearly has no respect for its owner with its complete “screw you” attitude. Source:

9. When Life Gives You Lemons

Ordinarily, there are few things sadder than seeing a dog wearing “the cone of shame.” Not only do they look ridiculous and incredibly sorry for themselves, but it severely limits their actions and can make general day to day dog life particularly challenging (think of all the licking, sniffing and gnawing they do each day). This dog has managed to turn “the cone of shame” into “the cone of greed,” as it manages to move in between a group of dogs and enjoy some kind of food while sealing it off from them with its cone. Although impressive and resourceful (and jerk-like), there is always the chance that the cone will foil the dog after all, as it may not be able to stretch its neck far enough to enjoy the food. Source:

8. Let Me Wash That For You

Although this may be a viral ad for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its water resistance, it is still a hilarious clip of a raccoon being a jerk (albeit a somewhat cute one). We first see it furiously washing something in a bowl (something they seem to do a lot), which is then shown to be a mobile phone. After checking to see if the phone is still working, they then turn around to see the raccoon furiously washing one of their shoes in its bowl. It would be great to train a raccoon to wash your dishes, but if this is anything to go by, then it seems that they have a tendency to wash only valuable items. Raccoons may be referred to as “trash pandas” around the States, but in many other countries the name for them translates to “wash bear,” which is clearly quite fitting.

7. Catch Me If You Can

There is no doubt that if any type of animal is a jerk, it is cats. They appear to be the most evil and cunning animal on the planet, and this is also a huge reason why they are appealing to so many people. This cat is particularly jerk-like, as it is picking on an animal that doesn’t stand a chance: the painfully slow (yet clearly determined) turtle. All taking place around a pillar, the cat hits the turtle’s tail which causes him to turn around and “chase” after the cat, who toys with it by simply going back round slightly faster and hitting it on the tail again. This happens multiple times, and the cat even lies down at one point seemingly mocking the poor turtle, who appears desperate to catch its tormentor. Some say that they are still going round the same pillar to this day.

6. Leveling the Score

There is some vengeance for Team Turtle/Tortoise in this clip, as this tortoise manages to take a chunk out of a cat and give it quite the scare. Very slowly it approaches its prey, complete with its mouth agape, but the cat does not seem to see the threat coming and continues to minds its own business. The tortoise pauses as it reaches the cat, and then you can almost hear the “nom” as the tortoise bites down on the cat’s back, seeing it quickly bat the tortoise before backing away in shock. Comically, we then see the tortoise chewing a large chunk of cat hair in its mouth, seemingly taunting the cat and, for now, leveling the score between cats and turtles/tortoises.

5. Pillow Love

Remember this clip the next time you leave your dog alone in your bedroom, as you may return to find it doing unspeakable things to your pillow on your bed. The clip starts very much like a horror film with the camera approaching a darkened room, only to uncover the horrifying image of a dog clearly enjoying the pillow with its head thrown back in pure pleasure. Although initially shocked once the light has been turned on, he continues with his act despite the presence of the owner in the room. It’s clearly time for the owner to invest in a new pillow, but there will always be the looming question of whether or not this was a regular practice for the dog when left alone in the bedroom. Source:

4. Two Types of Dog

There are two types of dog in this world: the obedient and the not so obedient. No matter how much training, these not so obedient dogs will constantly defy their owner, particularly if it involves food. Much like life, this is also often at the expense of the well-behaved and non-greedy. This is evident with this clip, which shows three dogs waiting patiently, each with a treat in front of them. The larger, obedient two are looking at their owner awaiting approval to eat the treat like good dogs, whilst the smaller, not so obedient one clearly has other plans. Almost immediately, it disobeys its master and not only picks up its treat, but also the two treats of the poor patiently waiting dogs. It impressively gets all three in its mouth before scampering off, and the reaction of the two well-behaved dogs is both priceless and heartbreaking. Source:

3. An Unexpected Culprit

A classic internet gif now, this was one of the first examples of animals being jerks to appear online. It is an unexpected culprit too, in that it is one of the cutest, funniest and clumsiest animals on the planet—a penguin. We never think of penguins being capable of unsavory behavior, but this one clearly challenges this notion, and a little research proves that penguins quite often exhibit jerk-like behavior both to each other and other animals. This classic clip shows one penguin cutely waddling along minding its own business, but as it passes one of its “friends” it receives a quick slap to the back of the head, causing it to fall down and (somewhat comically) fall through the ice into the water below. The jerk penguin does not even look down in shame of its actions, instead pretending like nothing happened at all. Source:

2. I Am the One Who Licks

Getting licked by a dog can be a rather unpleasant experience, as, after all, we know exactly what dogs like to lick and eat (yet many owners seem to ignore this and enjoy being licked). As it turns out, dogs themselves do not like to be licked, but are a little bit more reactionary to this than humans. As this dog leans in to kiss its owner on the mouth, she decides that she will lick back to see how the dog responds. It does not like it in the slightest, as it first recoils in shock before delivering a harsh slap to the face of the poor girl. What completes this clip is the owner’s priceless reaction as she looks at the camera with a deadpan expression on her face. It seems unlikely she will try that out again anytime soon. Source:

1. Marking Its Territory

History shows that cats and dogs are the fiercest of rivals, but it is not uncommon for them to live together under the same roof in somewhat harmony. When a cat and dog cohabitate it can be interesting to watch them interact, as there is a constant battle for power, often seeing them do whatever they can get away with to prove their dominance. This cat clearly takes things to the next level with this outrageous move, leaving the poor dog in complete shock and disgust. With the dog lying down and minding its own business, the cat walks up to it before quickly turning its back on the dog and spraying its face to mark its territory. Fans of South Park will get a giggle out of this clip knowing that the dog was probably “cheesed out of its mind” following the incident. Source:
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