10 Celebrities You Wouldn’t Have Guessed Are Politically Conservative

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When you think Hollywood, and you think American entertainers, you generally think “social and fiscal liberals.” You might be surprised to know that of the most outspoken political voices in Hollywood, they’re not all team Democrat. There are many pledged Republican voters, and big money supporters, and some of them may completely shock you. This list includes actors, actresses, musicians, athletes and athletes turned actors/reality personalities (hint-hint). Here are 10 celebrities who are surprisingly conservative when it comes to their political ideology and allegiance.

10. Stacey Dash

Okay. This isn’t a surprise, but it was when you first learned of it, was it not!? It was a shocker. No way the girl from Clueless, and Renaissance Man…and that one episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air could possibly be a hardcore conservative. (Quickly, how awkward, and awesome was her short appearance at the Oscars earlier this year? Wow.) Stacey Dash: GOP mouthpiece. Huh. We’re guessing there are other black women who support the Republican party, but we’re guessing there cannot be more than two or three total in the entertainment industry. Stacey famously—or infamously, depending on where your allegiances lie—supported Mitt Romney in the 2012 election, and she has been outspoken in recent months, stirring controversy with statements that Black History Month and BET are things that shouldn’t exist. We suppose she won’t be asked to host the next BET Awards.

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9. Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell. What an interesting cat. Did you know Kurt was one helluva baseball player? If you haven’t seen the 2014 documentary The Battered Bastards of Baseball, it’s highly recommended. It’ll offer a world of perspective on Kurt, as well as his pops. Perhaps it’s not a big surprise to know that Kurt leans toward conserving things like liberty. He’s not a big government type who is in favor of surrendered personal freedoms. He has been more vocal than ever in 2015 and 2016 regarding the American political circus, and has stopped people short of calling him a Republican. He’s not a Republican—not even close. Kurt is one of several Libertarians on this list who is in favor of the original, limited constitution suggesting respect of person, property and those unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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8. Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is representative of a much larger whole on this list; the large faction of professional athletes who ascribe to the ideology of the Republican party. Now, some have gone so far as to endorse Donald Trump (Tom Brady), but others come from a foundation of fiscal conservatism. Peyton is likely one of those Republicans who doesn’t really care what you do in your bedroom, so long as his tax dollars aren’t footing the bill. When it comes to people running for office, if Peyton likes you, he’ll toss you some coin. This takes political support to the next level. We’re not talking $25 bucks to the local guy running for Circuit Judge; rather, thousands of dollars to politicians at the federal level. In 2004, he offered at least $2,000 to the George W. Bush reelection campaign.

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7. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Do you see who The Rock is voting for!? In political fairness to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, we won’t state that he has only remained loyal to the Republican Party. However, he is a registered Republican. Things get tricky, because we know he’s a fan of President Barack Obama, is buddies with Bill Clinton, and extends a hand across the aisle for anyone who possesses some cool factor. That said, he’ll also lay the smack down when someone from his own preferred party chooses to use his likeness without his permission. Chris Christie tried to do it in 2015, and flipped The Rock’s switch in the process. Dwayne admitted that he was acquainted with Christie, and the two were “buddies,” but he was in no way endorsing the candidate, or offering his likeness to the Chris Christie campaign. Who’s he backing in 2016? Time will tell.

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6. Jerry Bruckheimer

Here we go. Here are some legitimate Republicans who followed the lead of former President Ronald Reagan. How can you go wrong with Ronnie? Famed producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, has more than a reputation for being a “get it done” type in Hollywood. This guy is a big money push for the biggest of Republican political candidates. This includes presidential candidates if Jerry is a fan of who they are and what they’re trying to do. We don’t imagine he’d touch Donald Trump with a 10-foot pole, but any other candidate? Sure. We love Jerry’s take on the Hollywood political war, but he doesn’t buy the hype. According to the Pirates of the Caribbean producer, it’s all about the work. If you do good work, people could care less about your politics. We’d have to agree with the guy. The proof is in the puddin’.

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5. Vince Vaughn

Another liberty lovin’ conservative? Vince Vaughn. What exactly does that mean to Vince? Vince is all for self-governance: respect among citizens, for one another, and the law. He’s another Libertarian on this list. There are many who would suggest (mostly Libertarians) that everyone is a Libertarian at heart, they just haven’t realized it yet. Vince is not for handouts or liberal fiscal behavior—big government spending is a no-no. As far as he’s concerned, a big federal government is a problem that becomes difficult to solve. He doesn’t trust government to get the job done when it comes to its many departments and programs, and would rather rely on the private sector. His belief is to hold tight to the constitution of the United States, focused on the secured rights and liberties of individuals, allowing for equal treatment under the law.

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4. Drew Carey

Drew Carey credits the United States Marine Corps for making him a man out of mush, so he has government work experience. Drew is well-known as a comedian, actor, and now as the host of the long-running game show The Price is Right. When it comes to politics, Drew is all for civil liberties and human rights, but when it comes to governmental control, he’s more aligned with Vince Vaughn and Kurt Russell. Drew is another Libertarian—a movement, and party, that is rapidly growing in the United States. He would consider himself a conservative by Hollywood standards, but feels that he’s offered leeway by claiming Libertarian, and true liberalism. If you were to sit down with Drew and ask him exactly what it means to be a Libertarian, he would probably say they’re “conservatives who still get high.” Or don’t. That’s the beauty of personal liberty.

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3. Big Boi

Our final Libertarian. Big Boi. If you’re unfamiliar with Big Boi, he goes by many names: Sir Lucious Left Foot, Billy Ocean…Antwan André Patton. He is one half of legendary rap group Outkast. Big Boi is a big fan of the Second Amendment. This guarantees the right to bear arms. He doesn’t have any interest in hunting animals with guns, but he does have several for his personal protection, and more so, according to the man himself, to protect against tyranny. It seems far-fetched, and then comes along the 2016 USofA political circus, ya know? A fun tidbit: Big Boi’s public proclamation for the Libertarian Party: in 2012, a white woman approached him at an airport and offered a congratulations following Barack Obama’s reelection. Big Boi’s response: “B–tch, I voted for Gary Johnson.” We’d love to know which of the Libertarian candidates Big Boi likes in 2016.

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2. Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler a Republican? A native New Yorker, it’s easy to understand why Adam supported Rudy Giuliani in his Mayoral campaigns, and his eventual attempt at scoring the GOP nod for president, but Adam Sandler supporting all Republicans? It’s pretty simple with Adam: he appreciates the GOP’s support of Israel. You might think he’d have a fondness for some Democrat politicians, but that’s not the case. Adam is socially liberal, but a fiscal/policy conservative through and through. In other words, Adam would never be the type of person to stop two gay people from getting married, but when it comes to more government involvement in our lives—no thanks. Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: Adam’s recent movies. No…we kid…we’re talking Donald Trump. We don’t see Adam rolling those dice. Maybe he’d vote Libertarian?

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1. Caitlyn Jenner

Hold the phone! What the hell is this? It’s not such a big surprise to anyone who has followed the adventures and misadventures of Caitlyn Jenner over the past several months. After being named “Woman of the Year” by Glamour, (even though she has only identified as a woman for…you know…? Never mind. To the politics…) Caitlyn was invited onto Ellen to presumably chat about all things transgender, and all the hoopla surrounding her transition from former Olympic champion, to actor, to husband of Kris Kardashian, to becoming a woman. The discussion turned south when they entered the realm of politics. Caitlyn immediately pledged her allegiance to the Republican realm. Oh, the look on Ellen’s face. After shaking off the confusion, Ellen engaged Caitlyn to convey her own surprise, and Caitlyn suggested she’s still very conservative—still very traditional and old-fashioned. Whatever you say, Cait.

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