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It is hard not to love cats. They are so fuzzy and cute and, at times, surprisingly smart. They can also be pretty funny. Sometimes there is nothing better than a kitten trying to figure out what is what or a fat cat that is totally unaware of how big he or she is. Right now, we are looking at the best viral cat videos on the web. Some of these are heart warmers while other ones will make you laugh out loud. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a cat person – these videos are for everyone. Here are 10 of the best viral cat videos ever!

10. Standing Cat

Unlike the average cat, when this one takes a look out the window, he typically stands, like a boss.

9. Cats Play Patty Cake

These cute little kitties have one hobby – playing patty cake.

8. Jerk Cat

This cat has a permanent frown on her face and a penchant for destruction.

7. Cat in a Shark Suit

Watch this cat ride a Roomba while rocking a shark suit.

6. Cat in Hiding

This cat was scared silly by his pal.

5. Kitten + Ducklings = Love

This kitten found herself getting swarming by dozens of little ducklings.

4. Cat Grooms Rabbits

This cat accidentally jumped into a pen full of rabbits and then got to work grooming them. Talk about a loving cat!

3. Cat Opening Doors

Watch this super capable cat open doors around the house!

2. Cat vs. Chipmunk

This cat messed with the wrong chipmunk.

1. Fat Cat

This cat obviously needs a bigger door.


Cate Willikers

Cate Willikers