10 Amazing Videos Of Horrible People Receiving Instant Karmic Justice

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John Lennon once sung, “Instant karma’s gonna get you/It’s gonna knock you off your feet,” and there are few things sweeter than seeing instant karma delivered to those who deserve it. Many people act harshly and violently towards others, and from time to time justice will be served in the best way possible. Sometimes this justice is served by the victim of the incident which sees them get their revenge, whilst other times it seems the karma gods are watching over and intervene in their own fantastic ways. Here are 10 people who received instant karmic justice for their actions.

10. Goalkeeper Receives Immediate Karmic Justice

During this indoor soccer game, the goalie harshly throws the ball at the opposing team’s player (who appears to be doing nothing wrong and is stood outside the box). This proves to be a costly error, leaving the goalie red faced, his teammates disappointed, his team concede a goal, and the player he was trying to antagonize is left celebrating after being credited with a goal. The goalkeeper throws the ball at the player’s head, who naturally turns away from the ball, which sees it hit him in the back of the head, before looping back over the goalie and into the net. Sport is often an arena where confrontation happens due to the competitive nature, but throwing the ball at somebody is not sportsmanlike in the slightest. Fortunately, the karma gods were watching down on this indoor soccer match and they delivered swift, immediate, and comical karma.

9. Motorist Gets What is Coming to Him

Running a red light, cutting off another driver and then having the nerve to give them the middle finger is real jerk-like behavior, but fortunately karma had plans for this motorist. Whilst he is still swearing at the motorist he blatantly cut off, he fails to see that he is driving directly onto a tramline where, of course, there is a tram just waiting to show him the consequences of his actions. The tram smashes into the side of his car (not too hard fortunately enough), causing him to rotate before coming to a complete stop. At the end of the video, a motorist behind the tram then attempts to overtake the tram by driving on the wrong side of the road against traffic (where they are blocked off by the driver with the dashboard cam). Driving instructors will be shaking their heads with disgust at this one.

8. Kebab Shop Meltdown

It can be terrible to see the general public harassing restaurant workers, but sadly it is a common sight. This very recent video sees justice being served, and it has gone viral with millions of people around the world enjoying seeing somebody who does this to restaurant workers getting what’s coming to them. In the video, a woman berates two kebab shop workers for well over a minute after she states that they got the order wrong as her child “doesn’t eat green things.” She also chastises them for not speaking English and being rude (which is rich coming from her), and she then repeatedly tells them to get it right the first time. She then marches towards the door but fails to get it right the first time herself, seeing her walk straight into the glass door as she should have pulled, not pushed.


7. Attempts to Throw Dog Into Lake, Karma is Served

This man got what was coming to him after trying to throw his dog into the lake, and he will think twice before trying it again next time. It is cruel enough to pick up a helpless dog (and he does so by the scruff of its neck) and throw it into water, but this person also adds in an unnecessary spin which would have upset the dog even more. This spin also happens to be the man’s downfall, as he ends up placing the dog by the side of the lake and instead falls into it himself. There is something sweeter about instant karma after an animal has been mistreated, as they are unable to speak out and are unclear on people’s intentions. Fortunately, karma was on hand in this incident to teach the man a lesson about how to treat man’s best friend.

6. Armed Robber Gets Taken Down

This armed robber picked the absolute worst time to hold up a gas station, and fully got what was coming to him. The robber goes up to the counter, pushing a customer aside to get to the front. Little does he know, this customer is a Marine, wrestler and a Mansfield, Texas, firefighter. Now positioned behind the robber, the hero wraps his arms around his neck and tackles him to the floor where he tears off his balaclava, and keeps him pinned to the ground as police officers come in and make perhaps the easiest arrest of their careers. The robber gambled on the fact that the customer would simply cower in fear (like most would), but fortunately this brave man was there to serve some sweet karma and help to fight back against crime. Bravo.


5. Bully Knocked Out by Street Vendor

Whilst violence cannot be condoned, there are times where it is simply unavoidable. In this video, a street vendor is relentlessly antagonized by a bully. He first begins pushing his cart around (threatening his livelihood), and then refuses to let the street vendor walk away. He cuts him off, and at this point the vendor realizes that he is going to offer up some street justice, which he delivers with flawless execution. The bully is even the one that takes the first swing, but it is expertly dodged which opens up our hero’s chance to pull one back for anyone that has ever been bullied. He throws just one punch, which connects perfectly and leaves the bully flat on his back and out for the count. The onlooking crowd has no sympathy for the bully whatsoever, and the hero walks back to his cart without even looking back.

4. Guy With Road Rage Loses His Phone

This road raging motorist won’t be making any calls anytime soon, and he was surely left even more full of rage after this moment of instant and beautiful karma struck. The angry motorist drives alongside the car with the passenger filming the incident, where he then proceeds to give them the middle finger for a lengthy period of time as he stares into the camera. For some reason he then decides to get his phone out whilst driving alongside them, but in all his rage he has clearly forgotten about aerodynamics and does not hold on tight enough. This sees his phone fly out of his hands and onto the road behind him, all perfectly captured on camera. Sadly we only get to see about one second of his priceless reaction, but it is as good as gold.

3. Cowardly Thief Trapped on Bus

This cowardly thief entered a bus in the Chilean city of Concepcion, and attempted to grab a woman’s (sat at the front) bag. He fails the first time, and once he goes for a second grab the driver manages to close the door and drive away before the opportunist thief can escape. He therefore becomes a prisoner in his own crime scene, and the heroic and brave driver managed to signal to police to take him away at the next stop. This did not stop the driver from delivering his own justice in-between the stops, whacking him with a stick and reducing him to tears whilst apparently saying “I’m badder than you.” It was later revealed that the bag thief had several assault, theft and robbery convictions. He picked the wrong bus driver to tangle with this time, however, and justice was served.


2. Cat Gets Sweet Revenge on Horrible Owner

Mistreating animals is despicable, and this guitarist gets what is coming to him after physically handling his cat. It is joked that cats are scheming, and this seems to be clear evidence for the case. The guitarist, who is also wearing sunglasses indoors, appears to be setting up a video of him playing so that he can presumably upload it to YouTube. He finds his cat sat in his chair, however, and wakes it up by playing loudly near its ears, and he then grabs it by the scruff of its neck, drags it off the chair and pushes it, before harshly kicking it away out of shot. He then begins to play a song, but we see the cat run up the stairs behind him and brilliantly knock off a potted plant which just so happens to be directly above his head. Coincidence? We think not.

1. Instant Karma for Road Rage Driver

Driving really brings out the worst in people, and road rage is something that many of us have encountered. This motorist felt the need to tailgate a driver, before driving alongside her and giving her the middle finger. Instant karma was then perfectly delivered, as he swerves to get into the opposite lane and ends up crashing into the side of the road. What makes this even sweeter is the female driver’s reaction as she drives past him, laughing before stating “That’s what you get! All on video, buddy.” To make matters worse for the road rage driver, he was later arrested and the video has since gone viral, ensuring that it has been seen by millions of people around the world. This is karma at its best, and fortunately he was not injured and did not crash into traffic.

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