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Bears aren’t typically that cute. They are big and threatening and totally capable of killing you. Panda bears are a different story though. Unlike your average bear, these black and white balls of fuzz are ridiculously cute. Whether they are playing around in the snow or trying to convince the zookeeper to play with them, they are constantly melting our hearts with their teddy bear-like appearances and their super sweet behavior. Since we think giant pandas are one of the most adorable animals out there, we have collected 10 super precious videos of them just doing their thing, which happens to look really cute.

10. These two baby pandas tried to wrestle their way out of having to take their medication.

9. Watch these pandas play around on a slide.

8. This baby panda looks super cute riding on this plastic pony.

7. These pandas will do anything to stop the zookeeper from leaving.

6. A baby panda is trying to escape its giant crib.

5. This young panda just loves to dance – watch her go!

4. This baby caught her mom off-guard with her ridiculously loud sneeze.

3. A squirrel scared this panda, but he didn’t have enough energy to do anything about it.

2. These three panda cubs are fighting to bathe in this dirty water.

1. These four young pandas are in a climbing sort of mood.

Cate Willikers

Cate Willikers