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Seth Rogen and James Franco rolled up and rolled out with "Pineapple Express" back in 2008, a kind of homage to stoner comedies of yesteryear with their signature twisted edge to it. The collaboration was one of many between the two actors and has stood the test of time as an underrated classic. From Danny McBride's incredibly over-the-top performance as Red to Franco's eerily believable performance as Saul to Rogen being 110% Dale Denton every second he's on camera, this is just a fun movie with some pretty intense twists and turns that keep the audience on their toes. 

Rogen had to wait years to build up the clout in Hollywood to get this movie produced having written it in 2001, and even then after he'd hit the big time, he could still only get half the budget he wanted for it because it was considered a bit of a gamble given the subject matter. The end result is just a wild ride and well worth a watch if you haven't seen it and a repeat watch even if you have. But as a fan, no doubt you've seen it enough times to answer a few questions, right? Let's find out!

What does James Franco's Saul call his low-quality stuff in the movie?

Saul calls his less-than-primo stuff "snicklefritz" in the movie. Seth Rogen said on Twitter that the name came from the practical FX supervisor who used to call his assistant "snicklefritz" whenever he messed something up.


There was a billboard that omitted actual smoke to promote the movie in LA. What happened to it?

The LA fire department had to shut down the "Pineapple Express" smoking billboard after too many people called in thinking it actually was on fire. It had become such a nuisance and a safety concern that it was easier to make it go away.


What gets all over the windshield of the cop car when it hits Saul?

Saul gets dinged by a police car when the officer driving it isn't paying attention to the road. He goes flying and his red Slurpee completely coats the windshield. The production team had to make it darker after test audiences thought the original Slurpee was blood and that Saul had somehow exploded.


What famous '80s band sang the theme song to the movie?

Seth Rogen is a fan of '80s movies in which a band would sing the theme song for the movie's soundtrack, so the crew got Huey Lewis and the News to write and sing a "Pineapple Express" song just for the movie.


Which actor spent all day on set duct-taped to a chair?

As the character Red, Danny McBride gets duct-taped to a chair to keep him prisoner. Because of how long it would have taken him to get in and out between takes, they literally just kept McBride taped to the chair all day during filming.


Which character was meant to die early in the film but was given a reprieve?

Danny McBride's Red suffers a ton of punishment in the movie, including more than his fair share of gunshots. As written, he was supposed to die the first time he was shot, but everyone loved Danny McBride so much they kept him around.


What actress played Dale's girlfriend Angie?

Amber Heard was cast as Dale's teenage girlfriend Angie. The original script had Angie as an adult who was successful and had her head on her shoulders but it was changed because they wanted to avoid duplicating he same dynamic from the movie "Shaun of the Dead" in which a slacker boyfriend to a successful woman somehow saves the day.


What does Saul wear on his head for most of the movie?

Saul wears a handband not because he's interested in working up a sweat but because James Franco actually injured himself on set. In one scene, Saul runs into a tree and Franco oversealously hits it, causing a wound requiring stitches. They used the headband to cover it up.


Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Craig Robinson appear together in how many movies, including "Pineapple Express?"

The trio of Rogen, Robinson and Franco have worked together a total of five times so far. "Pineapple Express," "Sausage Party," "This is the End," "Knocked Up" and "Zeroville." They must really like each other.


Saul carries something green with him throughout almost the entire film. What is it?

Saul's green and yellow duffel bag is with him for the majority of the movie. It's a branded duffel bag from Taconic High School, which is a real school in Pittsfield, Massachusettes.


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