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The historic Terminator franchise returns to the big screen with Tim Miller's Terminator: Dark Fate! The upcoming action film will be the sixth installment in the science fiction franchise and will feature original cast members, Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Edward Furlong. 

"The machines rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire. Their war to exterminate mankind had raged for decades, but the final battle would not be fought in the future. It would be fought here, in our present. Tonight..." ~ Sarah Connor

The original Terminator movie was released in 1984 and is about a cyborg assassin sent back in time from 2049 to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor in order to prevent her from giving birth to John Connor, the future leader of the Resistance. Having said that, if you've come this far, I likely don't have to tell you who John Connor is. Am I right? 

How many times have you watched James Cameron's iconic science fiction film? Find out how well you remember the movie with our Terminator inspired quiz. Good luck! 

Who played the Terminator?

Considered by many to be his signature role, Schwarzenegger's portrayal of the T-800 helped him become the international star he is today. Including the upcoming movie, 'Terminator: Dark Fate,' the action star will has appeared in five 'Terminator' movies.


What actor played Kyle Reese in the film?

Other than playing Sgt. Kyle Reese in 'The Terminator,' Michael Biehn is known for roles in 'The Abyss', 'Tombstone', and 'The Rock.' Fun fact: Biehn is the voice of Sergeant Rex "Power" Colt in both 'Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon' and 'Trials of the Blood Dragon.'


What year was The Terminator released?

James Cameron's 'The Terminator' was released in North America on October 26, 1984. The iconic sci-fi action film went on to gross $78.3 million against a $6.4 million budget and helped spawn a franchise of sequels, comic books, and video games.


Which character did Arnold Schwarzenegger want to play before being cast as the Terminator?

Fun fact: Arnold Schwarzenegger originally wanted to play the hero but James Cameron reportedly told the action star, "this movie is not about the hero. It's about The Terminator."


Who said: "Hey, I think this guy's a couple cans short of a six-pack."

The punk leader was played by the late Bill Paxton, well-known for roles in Aliens, Twister, Apollo 13, Tombstone, and True Lies. Sadly, Paxton suffered a stroke and passed away on February 25, 2017, at the age of 61. R.I.P.


Who was the Terminator sent back in time to eliminate?

In the first film, the Terminator, played by Schwarzenegger, was sent back in time to eliminate Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton. The duo will reunite once again in the sixth installment in the franchise, 'Terminator: Dark Fate,' opening on November 1, 2019.


What is the name of the club where Kyle Reese saved Sarah Connor from the Terminator?

The term 'Tech Noir" was coined by James Cameron and it refers to the combination of Film Noir and Sci-Fi. The club isn't real, but in the film it was located on Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles.


What is Sarah Connor's middle initial?

Sarah's middle name is Jeanette and she was born in Los Angeles, California in 1965. She gives birth to future leader of the Resistance, John Connor, and is primary responsible for teaching him the ways of war.


How many spoken words does Arnold Schwarzenegger say in the film?

Arnold Schwarzenegger only had 58 spoken words in the film. The action star was reportedly paid just $75,000 for his role as the cybernetic android, despite the film grossing roughly $100 million worldwide.


During his first audition, what almost cost Michael Biehn the role of Kyle Reese?

At that time, Michael Biehn was also auditioning for a role in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," which required a Southern accent. Luckily, Biehn got a second chance and as they say, the rest in history.


What is the name of Sarah Connor's best friend and roommate?

Played by Bess Motta, Ginger Ventura was offed when the Terminator came looking for Sarah Connor at their apartment. Her boyfriend, Matt Buchanan, also suffered the same fate that night.


The iconic line "I'll be back," was originally scripted as:

"I'll be back," is one of the most iconic lines in the history of film, which is funny because it was initially written, "I'll come back". Fun fact: In 2005 "I'll be back" was selected 37th on the American Film Institute's '100 Years... 100 Movie Quotes,' a list of the top 100 movie quotes of all time.


Which of these iconic voice actors narrated 'The Terminator' teaser trailer?

Although narrating the 'Terminator' trailer is pretty cool, Cullen is better known to most fans for voicing Optimus Prime (Transformers), Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh), and KARR (Knight Rider).


Kyle Reese was sent back to the year 1984 to protect Sarah Connor from the T-800. What year was Reese actually from?

Kyle Reese was a Resistance soldier and member of John Connor's Tech-Com fighting unit. He was sent back in time to save Sarah Conor in 2029, and is actually the father of John Connor, which is what's known as a predestination paradox.


Who broke their ankle days before shooting the film?

Rather than recast Hamilton, Cameron decided to change the production schedule and she worked through the pain. A majority of Hamilton's chase scenes were saved to the end, allowing her leg time to heal.


James Cameron sold the initial draft of 'The Terminator' to producer Gale Anne Hurd. How much did he sell it for?

James Cameron agreed to sell the rights to the film with the agreement that he'd get to direct it, a decision he deeply regrets to this day. Since then, the franchise has grossed over $1 billion worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo (adjusted for inflation).


Who did the studio original want to play the role of Terminator before eventually hiring Schwarzenegger?

Although it might sound strange, O.J. Simpson was initially the studio's first choice but James Cameron felt Simpson came across too nice and the role eventually went to Schwarzenegger.


What is the name of the restaurant Sarah Connor worked at?

The restaurant used in the film is actually called Carrow's Restaurant and its located in South Pasadena, California. The restaurant chain was originally called Carrows Hickory Chip Restaurant, and it was founded by David Nancarrow in 1970.


What is the name of the aircraft seen flying in the opening scene of the film?

Judging by its appearance, the HK-Aerial featured at the beginning of 'The Terminator' is a variant known as the Dragon. Fun fact: In 2009's 'Terminator Salvation', the Transport, which is used to transport humans to Skynet Work Camps, so big it can store two HK-Aerials.


What is Sergeant Kyle Reese's ID number?

Kyle Reese is Resistance soldier for Tech-Com who was sent to the past and upon meeting Sarah Connor, identifies himself as DN38416, which is actually his serial number.


What was the name of the motel where Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor conceived John Connor, the future leader of the Resistance?

Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor conceived John Connor, the future leader of the Resistance, at the Tiki Motel on May 13, 1984. Fun fact: The two-story motel is actually real and is located in Los Angeles County.


What was James Cameron's budget for the film?

On a budget of $6.4 million, James Cameron's science fiction film grossed, after inflation, $102.2 million worldwide. The film pulled in $4 million opening week in 1984, good for top spot at the box office.


According to Box Office Mojo, how much money did 'The Terminator' gross worldwide?

The film grossed $38.3 million in the United States and Canada alone and after adjusting for inflation, has grossed over $102.2 million worldwide. Despite the film's success, Orion Pictures was worried the film was going to be negatively received.


Which country released The Terminator in the late 1980s but changed the title to "The Electronic Murderer?"

In Poland, Terminator translates to "an apprentice," so to avoid confusion, the film's title was changed to 'The Electronic Murderer.' For those interested, the Polish poster can still be found if searched on Google.


Who was originally offered $350,000 to play Kyle Reese prior to Michael Biehn being cast?

The iconic Police frontman turned down the role in 'The Terminator' because he was going on a world tour and he had also just committed to star in '84 epic science fiction film, 'Dune.'


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