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"They're huge! We need to beat these guys, 'cause they're talking about slavery! They'll make us do stand-up, the same jokes every night every night for all eternity! We're going to be locked up like wild animals and then trotted out to perform for a bunch of lowbrow, bug-eyed, bad-headed, humor-challenged aliens! Eh, what I'm trying to say is... WE NEED YOUR HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!" ~ Bugs Bunny

How many times have you seen Space Jam? Find out how well you remember the iconic sports comedy with our exclusive quiz! Will you lead your team to victory or suffer a loss to the Monstars? Good luck!

Which SNL alumni portrayed a version of himself in Space Jam?

Murray based his character on a series of commercials he shot during the ‘90s about a guy who tries and fails to become a pro ball player.


What is the name of Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend?

Lola Bunny was voiced by the vocal talents of Kath Soucie.


Which of the following NBA players was the star of Space Jam?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan was the star of Space Jam.


Why did Mr. Swackhammer want to enslave the Looney Tunes in the first place?

Mr. Swackhammer’s plan was to enslave the Looney Tunes and have them perform at his amusement park to attract more customers.


Which Looney Tunes character reffed the game between the Monstars and Tune Squad?

Created by Chuck Jones, Marvin the Martian made his first appearance in the cartoon Haredevil Hare in July of 1948.


Which of the following artists wrote Space Jam’s “I Believe I Can Fly?”

To this day, “I Believe I Can Fly” is still the biggest hit of R. Kelly’s career.


What fitness instructors were the Looney Tunes working out too while preparing to take on the Monstars?

The Looney Tunes were exercising to a Richard Simmons workout video, most likely a "Sweatin' to the Oldies" tape.


Which of the following names do the Monstars call Michael Jordan during their first introduction?

The Monstars take turns making fun of Michael Jordan, which eventually leads to him accepting the Tune Squad's request to play.


What is the name of the aliens who arrive in Tune Land to capture the Looney Tunes?

The tiny and weak galactic carnival workers are known as The Nerlucks.


Danny DeVito provided the voice for which of the following characters?

The evil alien Mr. Swackhammer was voiced by Danny DeVito, well known for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Twins, and Batman: Returns.


What does Bugs Bunny call Lola Bunny to upset her?

Lola Bunny doesn't take kindly to being called Doll, so she challenges Bugs to some one-on-one, and wins.


What do Bugs and the rest of the Looney Tunes call the real world?

The Looney Tune characters refer to the real world as "3-D Land."


What year was Space Jam released in theatres?

Space Jam made its debut in theatres on November 15, 1996.


Who was the first player to have his talents stolen by the evil Nerdlucks?

The round mound of rebound’ a.k.a. Charles Barkley was the first NBA player to lose his talents.


Which of the following actors played Michael Jordan’s eccentric publicist Stan Podolak?

Stan Podolak was played by the hilarious Wayne Knight, known best for roles in Seinfeld, Rat Race, Dirty Dancing, and Jurassic Park.


Which of these former NBA players DID NOT have his talents stolen by the Nerdlucks?

The five players were: Charles Barkley, Shawn Bradley, Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, and Muggsy Bogues.


What sport was Michael Jordan playing before being abducted and taken to Looney Tunes world?

While playing golf, Michael Jordan is lassoed by Yosemite Sam and brought to Looney Tunes world.


Who is the first Looney Tunes character we see in the movie?

The iconic Bugs Bunny was created back in the late 1930s and was first voiced by the legendary Mel Blanc.


What was the final score of the game between the Monsters and the Tune Squad?

With almost no time left on the clock and down by one, Jordan wins the game with a ridiculous dunk.


What is the name of the Looney Tunes' basketball team?

The Tune Squad jerseys are white, blue, and red and feature a logo of the team name ‘Tune Squad’ in the middle of a bullseye.


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