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[Warning: This quiz contains spoilers.] Former TV cowboy Rick Dalton finds himself in the last moments of Hollywood's Golden Age when he and his best friend Cliff Booth cross paths with the Manson Family. After leaving his TV show and making a few movies, Rick's been relegated to guest-starring as the bad guy on other people's shows. As he tells Cliff, "It's official, old buddy, I'm a has-been." Quentin Tarantino's ninth film is a nostalgic trip back to the days when Old Hollywood and 1960s counterculture collided. The Hollywood Rick knows is disappearing. It's now crawling with hippies who hitchhike and dumpster-dive. 

As Rick's star power fades, his next-door neighbor Sharon Tate is just starting to get famous. Fresh off "The Valley of the Dolls" and "Rosemary's Baby," she and her husband Roman Polanski are the hottest couple in town. They spend their Saturday nights at the Playboy Mansion, palling around with movie stars and music icons. In one interlude, Sharon watches herself in a movie, nervously looking around to see if everyone laughs at all the right times. It’s sweet to watch her bask in her rising fame. It’s also heartbreaking because we know what happened to the real Sharon Tate.

Then one fateful night, history is altered when all of their lives intersect. The film imagines an alternate reality where the good old days never have to end. This bittersweet story is brought to life by an impressive ensemble cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margo Robbie, Al Pacino and Bruce Dern. In the words of Pacino's Marvin Sharwz, "What a picture." 

So whether you've seen "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood" once or 10 times, we want to see how well you know Tarantino's tribute to Tinseltown. 

How does Cliff work in the entertainment industry?

In a flashback, we see an interview where Rick explains that stunt doubles do all of the dangerous parts for actors — "So Cliff here is meant to help carry the load." When asked if that's how he'd describe his job, Cliff quips, "What? Carrying his load? Yeah, that's about right."


What movie genre does Marvin Schwarz offer to help Rick break into?

During a meeting, the casting agent talks to Rick about the state of his career. Marvin tells Rick that if he doesn't change his image soon, he'll be stuck "playing punching bag" to every new network star. The agent poses this alternative: "Or do you go to Rome and star in Westerns?"


While Cliff's at Spahn Ranch, who isn't there?

Cliff finds the Manson Family residing at Spahn Ranch, a place he knows well from his days as a stuntman on "Bounty Law." The TV Western filmed on the movie ranch. When she finds out that Charles Manson is out of town, Pussycat says that Cliff will have to come back — "Charlie's gonna dig you," she tells him.


When he gets back to his trailer, what does Cliff make for dinner?

After driving from Rick's Hollywood Hills home to his trailer in the valley, Cliff makes boxed mac and cheese and cracks open a can of Old Chattanooga beer. The fictional brand of lager also appears in Tarantino's "Death Proof."


After their scene, what does Mirabella tell Rick?

Just like we see Sharon experience the crowd loving her scenes in "The Wrecking Crew," we also get to see Rick experience his own taste of success. After flubbing his lines in an earlier scene, he recovers and blows everyone away with his performance.


While Rick works on "Lancer," what does he ask Cliff to do for him?

Before effortlessly jumping onto the roof to fix the antenna, Cliff grabs his tools and sticks a can of Old Chattanooga beer in his tool belt. Up on the roof, he catches a glimpse of Charles Manson, who is scoping out Sharon's house next door.


Do you remember which swanky street Rick lives on?

Rick lives next door to Sharon Tate's infamous 10050 Cielo Drive home. The first time he and Cliff drive up the hill to get home, the camera lingers on the street sign. After spotting Sharon and her husband Roman Polanski from his driveway, Rick marvels that he "could be one pool party away from starring in a new Polanski movie."


As Neil Diamond's "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show" plays on the radio, where does Cliff drive Pussycat?

With the lyrics "Hot August night" and the tale of a slick leader who moves people to follow him, the Neil Diamond track foreshadows what's to come. Music plays a prominent role throughout the movie, especially during its many "driving through LA" sequences.


At the Playboy Mansion, Sharon sees many of the celebs in her social circle. Who isn't there?

Set to the infectious tune "Son of a Lovin' Man," Sharon dances and catches up with Steve McQueen, celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebring, and Cass Elliot and Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas. Later in the movie, we see a flashback where Bruce Lee helps Sharon prepare for a martial arts scene in one of her movies.


Sharon's "type" is described as "cute, short talented guys who look like _______." Can you finish the quote?

At the Playboy Mansion, McQueen explains the dynamic between Sharon, Roman and Jay — though Jay is her ex and Roman is her husband, the three are inseparable. When the partygoer he's talking to makes the above observation, McQueen responds, "Yeah, I never stood a chance."


In a flashback, Cliff gets kicked off which TV show's set?

In a controversial scene, Bruce Lee challenges Cliff to a fight. Before filming an episode of "The Green Hornet," Lee's TV show, the two butt heads. Shannon Lee, the martial arts legend's daughter, called the movie's portrayal of her father a "caricature."


What does Cliff discover while he's at Spahn Ranch?

Cliff knows George Spahn, who owns the ranch, from his "Bounty Law" days. He's concerned that Pussycat and her hippie friends are taking advantage of the old man, so he insists on checking on him. He learns that Spahn has gone blind, but his old colleague claims that he's otherwise content.


Adding commentary like, "Rick got his driver's license taken away ... Cliff drives him everywhere now," who narrates the movie?

In addition to narrating the movie, Kurt Russell also appears in one of the film's flashbacks. Playing a stunt coordinator, he ends up firing Cliff after Rick's trusty stunt double gets into a fight on set.


During the climax, Cliff uses a can of dog food as a weapon. What does Rick use?

After years of sitting unused in Rick's toolshed, the flamethrower from "The 14 Fists of McCluskey" comes in handy. Cliff slows Sadie down with a can of Wolf's Tooth to the face and Brandy takes a bite out of her. It's Rick, though, who finishes her off with the flamethrower he'd once used to torch Nazis in a movie.


The Manson Family recognizes Rick as Jake Cahill. What "Bounty Law"-branded item does Tex say he owned as a kid?

After backing down Cielo Drive, Katie realizes she recognizes Rick from "Bounty Law." Tex is blown away and weirdly starstruck — "I had a 'Bounty Law' lunch box. That was my favorite of all my lunch boxes."


When the Manson Family pulls up to Cielo Drive, what type of drink is Rick making?

Earlier in the movie, Rick makes whiskey sours, but around midnight on July 9, he's making frozen margaritas. He's interrupted by the sound of the Manson Family's noisy car muffler. After he confronts the cult members, they change course and target his house instead.


While abroad, Rick marries Italian starlet _______ Capucci. What's her first name?

Rick doesn't just make four movies while in Rome. He also gets married to Italian starlet Francesca Capucci. With a wife in the picture and his career still uncertain, Rick breaks the news to Cliff that he no longer can afford to keep him on as his chauffeur/handyman.


What cutesy nickname does Rick call Mirabella?

"I don't like names like pumpkin puss, but since you're upset, we'll talk about that some other time," Mirabella tells Rick. On the set of "Lancer," he meets the precocious young actor who won't break character while on set or eat before she does a scene.


To pursue a "rinky-dink movie career," Rick left his popular TV show. What's the show's name?

"Whether you're dead or alive, you're just a dollar sign to Jake Cahill," declares the voiceover on a "Bounty Law" ad. Followed by the familiar NBC chimes, naturally. Like Steve McQueen, fictional Rick Dalton played a bounty hunter on a TV Western. Unlike McQueen, Rick didn't successfully make the transition to movie star.


Who is Mirabella reading a biography about?

To pass the time between "Lancer" scenes, both Mirabella and Rick read books. While Rick reads a Western about a bronco buster named Easy Breezy, Mirabella reads a Walt Disney biography. "He's a genius, you know. I mean a once in every 50 or 100 years genius kind of genius," the 8-year-old tells Rick.


On a whim, Sharon decides to pop into a theater that's playing one of her movies. Which one?

While out running an errand, Sharon stumbles upon a theater that's showing "The Wrecking Crew." Instead of using CGI to insert Margo Robbie's Sharon into the Dean Martin comedy, "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood" uses the original footage with the real Sharon Tate. It's a sweet touch that honors the late actress.


Do you remember Cliff's dog's name?

Brandy, Cliff's pit bull terrier, is a very good dog. She's always excited when Cliff gets home and is trained to patiently wait for her dinner — rat- and raccoon-flavored Wolf's Tooth dog food. When the Manson Family breaks in, she's instrumental in taking them down.


Rick makes multiple movies while in Italy. Do you know which of these isn't among them?

As Marvin suggested, Rick goes to Rome to star in director Sergio Corbucci's "Nebraska Jim." He also stars in three other movies while in Italy — "Kill Me Quick, Ringo, Said The Gringo," "Red Blood, Red Skin," and "Operazione Dyn-O-Mite!" "Tanner" is one of Rick's old movies.


In the credits scene, Rick films a commercial for a cigarette brand. What's its name?

In the commercial, Rick tells us that since the brand has been around since 1862, you'll see Jake Cahill smoke Red Apple on "Bounty Law." The fictional brand appears in many Tarantino movies, including "Pulp Fiction" and "Inglourious Basterds." It even appears in Tarantino's then-girlfriend Mira Sorvino's "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion."


On the set of "Lancer," Jim Stacy asks Rick about a rumor. What is it?

"Lancer" series lead Jim Stacy tells Rick that he was almost cast in "The 14 Fists of McCluskey," one of Rick's movies. He also asks Rick if it's true that he was in the running for McQueen's role in "The Great Escape." Rick says he never stood a chance. We see a scene from "The Great Escape" with Rick inserted into the part, though.


During a montage, marquees and signs turn on throughout LA. What song plays during the sequence?

As the lights turn on all around Hollywood on the evening of July 8, The Rolling Stones' catchy tune feels ominous, given that the audience knows the real Sharon Tate was just hours away from being murdered. As he did with "Inglourious Basterds," Tarantino rewrites history, though.


The film's a love letter to '60s Hollywood, but do you know the specific year it takes place?

"Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood" takes place over three days in 1969 — two in February and one in July. With its Grammy-nominated soundtrack of '60s tunes and jingles, period-recreated Hollywood Boulevard, groovy costumes and throwback pop culture references, the film's a time capsule of the decade.


What does Cliff ask Rick to bring to the hospital the next morning?

As paramedics load Cliff into the ambulance, Rick offers to meet him at the hospital. Cliff tells him to stay home with their gals, Francesca and Brandy. He does ask Rick to bring bagels when he visits in the morning, though.


The fight scene is set to a cover of which song?

Vanilla Fudge's slowed-down, trippy take on The Supremes' "You Keep Me Hangin' On" turns the Motown hit into a psychedelic dirge. To pack even more punch, Tarantino edited the cover to crescendo with the action.


What's something we don't see Sharon do during the movie?

Before she spends the afternoon watching herself in a movie, we see Sharon give a hitchhiker a ride and pick up a book for her husband. She buys him a first edition of Thomas Hardy's "Tess of the d'Urbervilles." In 1979, Polanski dedicated his film adaption of the novel to her.


While discussing her childhood, Sadie says, "Every show on TV that wasn't '_______' was about murder." What's the show?

Sadie doesn't specifically remember Jake Cahill, but she pitches the idea of starting at Rick's house nonetheless. She reasons that TV shows like "Bounty Law" taught their generation to kill, so in her opinion, they're just in killing one of the stars who profited off such a show.


After the Manson Family attack, who asks Rick about what happened that night?

Rick introduces himself and is surprised they know who he is — "Oh, I know. I tease Sharon that she lives next door to Jake Cahill. If she ever wants to put a bounty on Roman’s head, she just has to go next door," Jay jokes. The film ends with Sharon opening her driveway gate and inviting Rick into her world. Just like Sharon, maybe the has-been has a future.


Since Cliff is tripping on an acid-dipped cigarette when the Manson Family breaks in, he has to ask if they're real. Tex says, "I'm as real as ______."

Once Cliff realizes he isn't hallucinating, he recognizes Tex, Sadie and Katie from Spahn Ranch. When he struggles to remember their names, Tex delivers a line that the real Tex said, "I'm the devil and I'm here to do the devil's business." "Nah, it was dumber than that. Something like Rex," Cliff responds.


Before everyone gets ready for bed at Sharon's house, Abigail plays a song by The Mamas and the Papas on the piano. Which one?

Coffee heiress and social worker Abigail Folger is staying with Sharon while Roman is out of the country for a movie. After returning home from their dinner at El Coyote, Abigail sits down at the piano to play "Straight Shooter" for Sharon, Jay and her boyfriend Voytek. The song's sheet music was on the real Sharon Tate's piano the night she was murdered.


Which of these lines does Cliff say twice?

When Rick and casting agent Marvin Schwarz tell Cliff he's a good friend, he responds both times with "I try." The movie's narrator explains how important Cliff is to Rick by describing him as "a buddy who is more than a brother and a little less than a wife."


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