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Hollywood has cranked out hundreds of Christmas movies, but only a handful truly get to become holiday classics. Think of films like "A Christmas Story" or "Home Alone," which resonate with audiences and can be watched each and every year when the holidays roll around. Most of these movies have a very similar theme of holiday cheer, family love, togetherness and all the things you traditionally associate with the holidays. "Bad Santa" does not walk that path. In fact, it lets the reindeer stomp all over that path. 

"Bad Santa" is the perfect Christmas movie for people who don't take Christmas seriously and who can appreciate an offensive comedy that avoids every holiday cliche and hits you with so many things you never expected. That's why it's become so beloved! It's a Christmas movie for everyone who wants something a little less sweet. And Billy Bob Thornton just nails the role of a perfectly scuzzy, terrible man who has no business being within 20 feet of Christmas cheer or goodwill.

If you don't mind some foul language, low-brow humor and just a dash of legit holiday cheer, you have to love "Bad Santa." Now let's find out how much you know about it!

What gift does Thurman want Santa to bring him?

Thurman tells Willie when he comes over that he wants a pink stuffed elephant for Christmas. Willie brushes this off with an insult at first, but he does break down and get one for the boy at the end of the movie.


Who was "Bad Santa" dedicated to?

"Bad Santa" was dedicated to the memory of John Ritter. This was his final movie performance, and it was released to theaters shortly after he passed away from an aortic dissection that was misdiagnosed as a heart attack.


Do you know which of these records the film holds?

Thanks to nearly 300 uses of various profanities throughout the movie, "Band Santa" holds the record for having the most obscenities of any Christmas movie to date. Maybe not the most enviable record, but it's noteworthy.


Billy Bob Thornton's character Willie does have a last name that we hear once in the movie. What is it?

When Willie is checking his messages on the answering machine, we get to hear that his last name is Soke. It's not something that pops up again in the movie. For what it's worth, hs middle initial is T.


Bernie Mac plays the security officer at the mall. What's his name?

Comedian Bernie Mac plays the suspicious head of mall security Gin Slagel. Throughout the movie, Mac's character spends a lot of time eating oranges and mixing stool softeners into his drinks.


Who plays Marcus' wife Lois?

Marcus' wife Lois is a somewhat awful character in the movie, but then so are most fo the characters. She's played by actress Lauren Tom who often is better known for her voice than her face. She played Amy in "Futurama" and both Minh and Connie on "King of the Hill."


Lauren Graham plays the bartender who falls for Santa. What is her character's name?

Consider it part of the film's somewhat curt and sarcastic nature that Graham's character is never actually given a name, even in the director's cut. The credits list her as "Sue," but no one ever says it.


Christmas movies tend to take place in frosty locations with snow. Where does "Bad Santa" take place?

Willie and Marcus take their Santa and elf act to the Saguaro Square Mall in Phoenix, Arizona. The movie was actually filmed in California with several locations standing in for Phoenix, Miami Beach and Thurman's house.


Do you know which famous siblings are credited as executive producers of "Bad Santa?"

The Coen brothers, famous for movies like "No Country for Old Men" and "Fargo" were executive producers on the film. They wrote a lot of the jokes from the script and also developed the concept, though word is they disapproved of some casting choices.


Do you know which "Star Trek" actor is featured in the movie?

Ethan Phillips played Neelix on "Star Trek: Voyager" and makes a very brief but memorable appearance in "Bad Santa" as Roger Merman. That's Thurman's dad, who is not, in fact, exploring mountains but is in jail for embezzlement.


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