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The Dream. Big Aristotle. The Human Highlight Film. Greek Freak.

The NBA is home to some of the most creative athlete nicknames of any sport on the planet. They are featured on posters, shoe commercials, and ads for everything from Gatorade to GoDaddy. Some classic NBA nicknames easily rank as the best in sports history, but how many can you name?

In this quiz, we'll give you the player and challenge you to choose the correct nickname. Spoiler alert: the four aliases we mentioned above are NOT in the quiz, but belong (respectively) to Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O'Neal, Dominique Wilkins, and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Good luck!

What is Paul Pierce's nickname?

“The Truth” moniker was given to Paul Pierce by Shaquille O’neal after he torched the Lakers for 42 points.


What is Isiah Thomas's nickname?

Thomas has several nicknames, including "Zeke," Pee Wee," and "Mr. Wonderful."


What is Tim Duncan's nickname?

Duncan wasn't flashy, but had some of the most solid fundamental skills in the game. His classic bank shot jumper was a prime example.


What is Allen Iverson's nickname?

Iverson's nickname dated back to his high school days, where he was routinely the answer to whatever questions were asked of his team.


What is George Gervin's nickname?

Gervin was nicknamed "Iceman" for his cool demeanor on the court.


What is Larry Bird's nickname?

Bird was known primarily as “Larry Legend,"" along with “The Great White Hope."


What is Jason William's nickname?

Williams was given the nickname ""White Chocolate"" due to his flashy style of play.


What is Gary Payton's nickname?

Payton was given the nickname “The Glove” for incredible defense and ability to tally steals!


What is LeBron James' nickname?

LeBron James was dubbed “The King” in high school after shattering numerous state records. It's also a play on "King James."


What is David Robinson's nickname?

Robinson served two years in the Navy before the NBA, so he was given “The Admiral” nickname.


What is Bryant Reeves' nickname?

Big Country is right. Reeves was a 7'0", 275 pound rancher from Arkansas. Enough said


What is Kobe Bryant's nickname?

"The Mamba can strike with 99% accuracy at maximum speed, in rapid succession. That’s the kind of precision I want to have." - Kobe


What is Shawn Marion's nickname?

Marion was nicknamed “The Matrix” after his above-human capabilities started to resemble Neo from the sci-fi film series.


What is Glen Davis' nickname?

Due to Davis’ big size as a child, he often had to play with older kids. He also whined to the refs a lot, thus the “Big Baby” moniker.


What is Rafer Alston's nickname?

Alston was named ‘Skip to my Lou’ after one of his famous moves he performed at Rucker Park and in AND1 Mixtapes.


What is Kevin Garnett's nickname?

Garnett was named “The Big Ticket” because he was able to fill an arena despite the Timberwolves being at the bottom of the standings.


What is Ray Allen's nickname?

Ray Allen starred in the film 'He Got Game,' where he played high school star Jesus Shuttlesworth. A nickname was born.


What is Pete Maravich's nickname?

The legendary point guard often shot the ball from his side, which is the origin of his “Pistol Pete” nickname.


What is Kevin Durant's nickname?

Kevin Durant has many nicknames - “KD” is simply his initials. He also goes by “Durantula” and “Slim Reaper.” Or "snake" from his haters.


What is Julius Erving's nickname?

As a kid, Erving was coined the doctor after he would slice through the defense and operate on his opponents. Thus, Dr. J.


What is Dwyane Wade's nickname?

After Shaquille O'Neal joined the Miami Heat, “Superman” decided his sidekick needed a nickname and called him “Flash.”


What is Tyrone Bogues's nickname?

Bogues got the nickname “Muggsy” for being smaller than his opponents, which gave him an advantage at stealing the ball.


What is Anfernee Hardaway's nickname?

Hardaway’s grandma called him Pretty, but in the countryside, that comes out as "Pweddy." People just took it from there.


What is Steph Curry's nickname?

He was given the nickname “Baby Faced Assassin" because he was the kindest, cutest kid but could turn into an explosive basketball threat.


What is Robert Horry's nickname?

Horry earned the name “Big Shot Bob” after draining multiple shots in clutch scenarios, en route to seven championships.


What is Michael Jordan's nickname?

Jordan was given the “Air Jordan” nickname for his association with the Nike brand, as well his gravity defying dunking ability.


What is Earl Monroe's nickname?

He earned his nickname ""Earl The Pearl"" on the streets of Philly.


What is Vince Carter's nickname

Vinsanity's (another good name) early years with the Raptors provided numerous highlight reel dunks, prompting the "Air Canada" nickname.


What is Jerry West's nickname?

Jerry West was a well-known and respected player in the NBA. His silhouette is currently the NBA logo.


What is Karl Malone's nickname?

Malone earned the nickname “The Mailman” because he always delivered.


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