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Kanye West Is Recording A David Bowie Tribute Album, Apparently

We’re sure to see far too many David Bowie tribute albums in the coming months and years, so is it really surprising to learn that Kanye West is coming out with one of his own?

Kanye was among the large group of artists who paid tribute to Bowie last week after news of the 69-year-old singer’s tragic death began circulating, but it now seems that Kanye is going much further in his act of “paying respects” than just a simple tweet:


Reports indicate that the rapper has already recorded his own takes on Bowie classics such as Rebel Rebel, Heroes, and Changes. The album will reportedly be a mix of straight covers alongside Kanye’s own take on the tracks. According to a source that spoke to the Daily Star: ‘Some are straightforward cover versions with Kanye actually singing. On others he is rapping with his own lyrics over Bowie’s music.’

Another source in that same report claims that Kanye sees himself as a spiritual successor to Bowie and that, “he is determined to carry on David’s work as a musical innovator. He says the torch has been passed to him.”

Whether Kanye can deliver on a worthy album of Bowie covers is anyone’s guess but one thing is certain: it will be fascinating to hear the final product.

(via: Metro)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)