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Dave Grohl Writes to City Council That Asked Teenage Metal Band To Not Practice In Their Garage

Being a teenager is hard, no matter how you slice it.

Being a teenager in a local heavy metal band with your friends and having no place to practice makes things even harder.

That’s the predicament that Black Leaves of Envy, a metal band from Cornwall, England, find themselves in after local city council basically told them to stop practicing in the garage of one Andrew Plenty, one of the band member’s parents. According to Plenty, who is also a musician, he has no problem with the band practicing there and he also cleared it with his next door neighbor. The next-closest house is “a farmer’s field” away, but despite everything seeming fine, the town council still decided to act (maybe someone complained?). They asked the Black Leaves of Envy to keep their volume between 30 and 40 decibels. For reference, a whisper is generally considered to be about 30 dB. A public library averages around 40 dB.

You average live rock concert? That goes at around 110 dB, or slightly below the 115-120 dB that is considered the human threshold of how loud something can be before it causes pain.

So while Plenty attempted to reason with the council on behalf of his kids and the rest of the band members, the band took a different route. They sent a letter to Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl and asked for advice. Not only did Grohl send back some tips on how to soundproof their practice area, he personally sent the Cornwall Council a letter pleading with them to reconsider their original stance. After all, a bunch of teenagers could be doing a lot worse things than trying to learn how to play music in their parent’s garage.

The council hasn’t changed their mind, but they did commit to further investigating the matter to determine if all parties can come to a reasonable solution. If they don’t, we officially suggest that the Foo Fighters play a full concert right outside the Cornwall City Hall in protest. Black Leaves of Envy can open for them, obviously.

(Source: Pitchfork)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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