10 Musicians Who Have Successfully Battled Drug Addiction

Musicians, drugs and alcohol abuse all seem to go hand-in-hand. Some of these musicians are able to kick the habit; however, a number of them aren’t so lucky. Enough of them end up dead while some of the others choose to live drug and alcohol-dependent lives. It isn’t much fun to go through all the musicians who should be here but aren’t because they couldn’t let go of drugs and alcohol or the ones who can’t quite seem to take control of their lives, so we’re going to take a look at those who battled their addictions successfully and lived to tell their stories.

10. Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler was almost broke from spending so much money on cocaine and heroin. He wasn’t able to kick his habit until his eighth stint in rehab in 2009. According to him, going to meetings have helped him stay sober; however, it is a daily battle because he will always be addicted to drugs and alcohol.

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9. Fergie

Earlier in her career, Fergie was addicted to crystal meth, which made her pretty paranoid. She actually thought FBI and swat teams were tracking her every move. One day, she went into a church and made a deal with God. She told Him that, if the FBI and the swat team weren’t waiting for her, she would give up the drugs. When she left the church, the FBI and the swat team weren’t there, so she kept her promise and got clean.

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8. Nick Carter

Nick Carter struggled with addiction for years. He abused alcohol and drugs like marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy and prescription painkillers. His drinking got so bad that he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a weakening of the heart. It was only after this diagnosis that he decided to change his ways. He has drastically turned his life around; however, he still occasionally slips up when it comes to drinking.

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7. Keith Richards

Keith Richards was really into heroin and cocaine; however, he had to give both up because his body told him to stop. He still smokes marijuana and drinks alcohol in moderation. He doesn’t regret the days when he experimented with the hard stuff though. He claims that he “got something out of it.”

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6. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been really open about her struggles with drugs and alcohol. Her drug of choice was cocaine. She couldn’t go 30 minutes without it and would smuggle it on airplanes. She hit rock bottom when she was 19 and decided that it was time to turn her life around, so she entered rehab. Since then, she’s been sober.

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5. Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne has battled drug and alcohol addiction for years. He is currently sober after relapsing back in 2013. The relapse put quite the strain on his marriage to Sharon; however, they got through after he gave up drugs and alcohol.

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4. A.J. McLean

A.J. McLean has battled drug and alcohol addiction for a large part of his life. He has been to rehab three times and has fallen off the wagon more than once since his last stint; however, he remains committed to his sobriety.

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3. Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for years. When it wasn’t heroin, he was using copious amounts of cocaine and drinking loads of alcohol. The first addiction he beat was heroin; however, he was still abusing alcohol. He went to rehab for the addiction twice before he was finally able to beat it for good.

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2. Kid Cudi

When Kid Cudi first rose to fame, he began abusing drugs and alcohol; however, he gave it all up on his own. There was no rehab or clinics. Instead he made a choice. He decided what type of person he wanted to be and stuck with it.

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1. Macklemore

When his career was first starting to take off, the Seattle rapper starting drinking and using drugs. The big problem that he had was that he didn’t do it any of it in moderation, which had a negative impact on his potential for success. When he was 25, he went to rehab and got clean. He claims that, if it weren’t for rehab, he probably wouldn’t be here.

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Cate Willikers

Cate Willikers