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Sometimes the best way to express your undying love and devotion for someone is through writing or singing a song. But occasionally, either purposefully or accidentally, love songs can come off as rather unsettling, usually due to disturbing lyrics disguised by catchy music.

Included in this list are 10 of the creepiest love songs out there. Many of these tunes have been enormously successful, yet when you really listen to the lyrics and examine the song up close, you will see how truly creepy they are.

10. “Animals” – Maroon 5

This song by Maroon 5 lit up the charts when it was released in late August of 2014, seeing it played all over the radio and TV for weeks. This huge success it achieved was somewhat strange for a song that begins with the lines “Baby, I’m preying on you tonight, Hunt you down eat you alive.” Of course, these lyrics (and other questionable themes in the song) did not go unnoticed by everyone. The video and song received strong negative attention for trying to make violence against women seem “edgy.” What makes the controversial video even creepier that Adam Levine’s actual wife, Behati Prinsloo, appears alongside him as a co-star.

9. “I Will Possess Your Heart” – Death Cab for Cutie

Just from the title, you can tell this song is going to be slightly creepy. Despite the strange undertones and “stalker-ish” vibes of this song, it was actually one of Death Cab for Cutie’s highest ranking songs on the charts and was in contention for a Grammy Award. The original unedited version of the song is over eight minutes long, and begins with a 4+ minute instrumental before any lyrics are actually uttered. But once the lyrics begin, the song takes a dark turn, as it expresses someone trying or “begging” the girl he is obsessed with to give him a chance, saying that he will eventually possess her heart.

8. “I’m on Fire” – Bruce Springsteen

This song is one of the many singles off of Springsteen’s fantastic album Born in the U.S.A., and just like the other singles it is a great and catchy song. However, one major difference is just how creepy this song comes off. Even though the single had huge success on the charts, the lyrics of the song are a little strange in some parts. The lyrics are built around sexual tension and feature such questionable lines such as “Hey little girl is your daddy home? Did he go and leave you all alone?” Of course, Springsteen isn’t talking about a child in the song, but a better choice could have been made for the lyrics. The tone of Springsteen’s voice and even the music help to contribute to the creepy nature of this song.

7. “Living Room” – Tegan and Sara

Now this one is just simply creepy from the get-go. Let us tell you why: the song is written from the point of view of an individual who is obsessed with watching their depressed neighbor through the window. The lyrics also contain the singer imagining herself on top of her neighbor and watching them in a variety of rooms, including the bathroom and living room. The song actually sounds very beautiful and soothing, but once you see these lyrics, it will likely shock you right out of that calm trance.

6. “Father Figure” – George Michaels

Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why this song appears on this list. In fact, just by looking at the name you should definitely know that you are in for a strange listen. Few songs ooze creepiness like this ode to daddy issues. Apparently Mr. Michaels is interested in somebody with tiny hands who wants a father figure and allows him to say he’s the daddy. No, not disturbing at all. Plus the tone of his voice in this single seems to come off as creepier than usual. Nonetheless, the song still somehow managed to reach number one on the charts.

5. “Hello” by Lionel Richie

This song reached number one on three different Billboard charts in the USA and was without a doubt one of Lionel Richie’s most famous and popular songs. On top of that, it is without a doubt his creepiest. If the lyrics of the song weren’t creepy and stalker-ish enough for you, just wait until you see the music video. The video contains Richie following a woman, who appears to be blind, around at numerous different settings. While the intent of the song wasn’t to be creepy or portray Lionel Richie as a stalker, that is exactly what they accomplished. Also, if you search the internet for a version of the video without music, it ramps up the creepy factor tenfold.

4. “One Way or Another” – Blondie

This one is creepy, but comes from a personal experience has by a member of the band. Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry wrote this song from the perspective of an ex-boyfriend who had been stalking her. The narrator of the song is constantly watching but never seen, determined that “one way or another, I’m gonna find ya, I’m gonna get ya get ya get ya get ya.” The song was included on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest songs of all time and is one of Blondie’s best known songs. And while it is a great song to jam to, it’s still a creepy love song written from the eyes of a stalker and that is enough for a spot on this list.

3. “Kiss With a Fist” – Florence and the Machine

Songs about domestic violence are never good, and they are even worse when they are marketed as a love song. Of course, we all know couples who constantly argue and fight, but then there’s whatever Florence Welch is talking about in “Kiss With a Fist.” The song goes so far as to embrace physical confrontation with a loved one by stating that it’s better to stay with an abusive person than remain alone, which is the ABSOLUTE wrong message to be sending out in a song. She has since claimed the meaning of the song isn’t about domestic violence, but the harsh lyrics tell otherwise.

2. “Wrong Way” – Sublime

Now this one is just plain wrong in every sense of the word. This song is about a guy wanting to have sex with a 12-year-old prostitute. Not kidding. “Annie’s 12 years old, In two more she’ll be a wh–re, Nobody ever told her it’s the wrong way,” the song begins, with the narrator later saying, “A cigarette pressed between her lips, But I’m staring at her t–ts.” The narrator of the song is partly singing a sad love song for the poor, broken Annie and is also partially disgustingly justifying his reprehensible actions. Not romantic in the least, this song came very close to claiming the number one spot on this list.

1. “Every Breath You Take” – The Police

And coming in as the creepiest love song on this list is also one of the most popular. The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” was a massive hit, spending eight weeks at the top of the Billboard charts, but the lyrics are undeniably creepy to all who hear it. This song is interesting because musically it takes the form of a typical pop love song, but lyrically Sting was thinking of things like surveillance and control, not stalking. But no matter what the intention of the band was, it is hard not to think about a stalker watching his prey when you listen to this song.


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