10 Best Taylor Swift GIFs


Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars that we have today. Five years ago, we never would have predicted this. Given her penchant for relationship drama and need for writing about it in her songs, we expected this young celebrity to fizzle out; however, like a phoenix, she has risen from the ashes. She has totally reinvented herself as a girl’s girl who is not interested in boys or any of their drama. She has also successfully abandoned the country genre for pop. We’re interested in all things Swifty now and we are super excited to see where her career takes her. In celebration of our favorite pop star, here are the 10 best Taylor Swift GIFs!

10. No one dances quite like our Swifty. Source:

9. Glare off: Taylor Swift vs. Cute Grey Cat Source:

8. No one is more excited about life than Swifty. Look at her go! Source: Tumblr

7. Taylor Swift loves cats so much that she is starting to become one. Source:

6. Swifty shaking it off! Source:

5. Taylor Swift isn’t crazy – she’s just misunderstood. Source:

4. Swifty’s face when Selena Gomez called to talk about her problems with Justin Bieber. Source:

3. Yep – if there is one thing Taylor Swift knows it’s that she is all that. Source:

2. Taylor Swift’s face when she hears that Jake Gyllenhaal wants to get back together.

1. When Taylor Swift hears Katy Perry’s new song on the radio. Source: Reddit
Cate Willikers

Cate Willikers