Wolverine 3: Hugh Jackman Sparks ‘Old Man Logan’ Speculation With Surprising Photo

Hugh Jackman is currently hard at work filming for Wolverine 3, which is scheduled to hit theaters next spring. While not much is currently known about the film’s plot, Jackman hinted earlier this year that it would be an adaptation of the “Old Man Logan” comic book arc.

This week, Jackman posted a photo of himself posing with some freshly cooked fish to his Instagram account and his appearance seems to confirm that he will be playing an older Wolverine in the new film.


Now that’s what I’m talking about!

A photo posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on


Jackman’s mildly haggard look in the photo has now sparked dozens of panicked headlines such as “What’s going on with Jackman’s face?” and “Hugh, is that you? Jackman looks unrecognizable in shocking new photo from set.”

The problem with these headlines and their accompanying stories is that they don’t mention the very real possibility that Jackman has adopted an older look for a part he’s playing. Even if that’s not the case though, one need only look at Jackman’s other recent Instagram posts to see that he’s looking fine. A bit grayer than we’re used to seeing from the perpetually youthful actor perhaps, but certainly not to the point where we need to start worrying that he’s unwell or dying.

It’s also important to remember that Jackman is pushing 50. Age catches up with us all and Jackman is no exception. Sure, this isn’t the most flattering picture of Jackman out there, but that doesn’t change the fact that his 47-year-old self could still absolutely wreck you. I mean, look at this guy:


And …. we’re back! #StandUpToBullying Day A photo posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on


Hopefully we’ll get to see some official photos and/or a trailer soon so this can all be cleared up.

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)