Will Smith Confirms Talks Of A Deadshot Spinoff Film

SOURCE: ScreenRant

Will Smith, the actor who plays the character of Deadshot in Suicide Squad has now confirmed that behind closed doors there’re talks of a Deadshot spinoff.

Suicide Squad introduced a handful of new, interesting characters into the DC Movie Universe, and fans were keen to see them on the big screen.  As far as sales went Suicide Squad was a huge success, yielding a profit of roughly $745 million without even releasing to China.

Despite having massive box-office success, the people who went to see the film had very little to say about it that was positive.  Most commonly the complaints were about under-developed characters.  It was akin to if Marvel had released Infinity War before giving the individual characters their own films to introduce and develop their stories.

Source: ScreenRant

Luckily the producers definitely heard the complaints, and have already confirmed a first character-specific movie; Harley Quinn’s spinoff will be the Birds of Prey.

Will Smith was celebrating his 50th birthday, and decided to answer some fan questions online with his former co-star from his days as the Fresh Prince, Alfonso Ribeiro. Naturally, the prospect of a Deadshot film came up during the fan questions, and Will seemed very excited about the idea.

He stated during the questioning…

“I hope so. I love playing Deadshot, I’ve really enjoyed that character. They’ve been talking about it, so if a good idea comes around… we’ve been having meetings. But I’d love to. I love Deadshot.”

So while nothing has been confirmed, it would seem that if the opportunity is presented to Smith, he’d be happy to take it.

Furthermore, independent of the outcome of a Deadshot spinoff production, we will get to see Smith return to the big screen as Deadshot in the sequel to his first performance in Suicide Squad 2, which is progressing quickly.

Source: ScreenRant

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