Why Henry Cavill Should Play Marvel’s Hercules (Not Wolverine)

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By Riley Jones (@moviemanjones)

A few weeks back, rumors began circulating on social media that Henry Cavill was in talks to play Wolverine in Marvel’s upcoming Captain Marvel sequel. These rumors were later debunked, but that didn’t stop a few artists from sharing their take on what Cavill might look like as the iconic X-Men character, and the results were pretty impressive (even if he’d make a better Hercules, but more on that below).

One of the first to share their design was the great Bosslogic, who posted his take on Cavill as Wolverine along with the caption, “Wolverine @Henrycavill for some weekend fun.”


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Wolverine @henrycavill for some weekend fun

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As much as we admire Cavill, following the emotional conclusion of Logan, it’s almost hard to imagine anyone playing Wolverine ever again, so when rumors of the British actor’s connection to the role surfaced, we didn’t know what to think. On the one hand, Cavill is a tremendous actor, and we thoroughly enjoy his work, but replacing Jackman with an actor pushing 40 doesn’t make much sense. If Marvel really is planning to reboot the X-Men film franchise as Kevin Feige has previously confirmed, casting a younger actor is the only logical move.

Even though we might not love the idea of Cavill playing Wolverine, we still believe he’d make a tremendous addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which got us thinking: What Marvel character would Cavill be best suited to play?

After mulling over it for a few days, we came across an illustration by Marvel artist Alexander Lozano, who had recently shared his penciled sketch of Cavill as Marvel’s Hercules on Instagram… and we absolutely loved it!


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HERCULES! …i see henry cavill as the prince of power in the mcu. #Hercules #PrinceOfPower #Marvel #MCU #HenryCavill #Comics #AlexanderLozano #Art

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There has been little or no mention of Hercules as of yet, but now that characters like She-Hulk and Moon Knight are joining the ranks and a new crop of Avengers is on the way, the son of Zeus can’t be far behind. If so, Marvel should strongly consider (if available) casting the Cavill

We understand the actor only just recently started playing Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s Witcher series, and he may or may not be finished playing Superman, but if his schedule clears up and the time is right, Cavill would make an ideal Hercules and a welcomed addition at that.

Here’s why…

Cavill not only has the look, range, and charm to pull off the iconic hero, thanks to playing Superman, and now Geralt, he’s aware of the dedication and training these types of roles involve. On top of that, his experience as a member of DC has more than prepared him for the added attention associated with joining Marvel and portraying a powerhouse like Hercules.

Thor: Ragnarok introduced a less serious version of the God of Thunder, and it arguably saved the character. Seeing as Hercules and Thor share quite a few similarities, it might make sense for Marvel to feature a more audience-friendly version of the Prince of Power, and Cavill does check off a lot the boxes.

Do you think Cavill should play Marvel’s Hercules, or is there another character he’d be better suited for? Let us know in the comments below.

Riley Jones (@moviemanjones)


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