Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

WB May Have Just Revealed Which Robin Died In ‘Batman V Superman’

One of the most tantalizing bits of world -building in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is undoubtedly the Robin costume briefly seen in the Batcave. While it’s never explicitly stated, it’s heavily implied that the Joker is responsible for killing this Robin, in the manner of the popular “Batman: A Death in the Family” comic story arc.

In that story, the Joker kills the second Robin, Jason Todd, so the logical assumption is that the deceased Robin in Batman v Superman is Jason Todd, but WB has yet to either confirm or deny this. That being said, it looks like WB may just teased Robin’s identity in a post on the official Batman v Superman Instagram account.

“Twenty years in Gotham, how many good guys are left?” #BatmanvSuperman

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The reason this post is being referenced as possible confirmation of Robin’s identity has to do with the date it was posted. The image went up on April 27th, which just so happens to be the day that the Joker kills Jason Todd. This is information that WB would definitely be aware of, so it appears as if this could be a sly reveal of Robin’s identity in the film. They could also just be trolling fans to get them to read too much into this, which is just as likely a scenario.

We’ll have to wait for confirmation from WB to know for sure, but right now, it seems safe to assume that the dead Robin of the DC movie universe is Jason Todd. Now, where’s Dick Grayson in all of this?

(via: ComicBookMovie)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)