Black Panther

WATCH: Will Smith Challenges The Black Panther In Hilarious Parody Video

Is Will Smith the new King of Wakanda?

Shortly after “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper won Best Original Song at the 91st Academy Awards, beating Black Panther‘s “All the Stars”, comedian Demi Adejuyigbe took to Twitter to let everyone know the wrong Black Panther song had been nominated.

I know we’re already over the Oscars, but if you ask me, they nominated the wrong song from BLACK PANTHER. I think Will Smith’s “I Think I Can Beat Black Panther” from the credits would’ve won Best Original Song.

Adejuyigbe’s hilarious Black Panther-themed parody video, “I Think I Can Beat Black Panther,” features the Fresh Prince challenging T’Challa to a duel for the throne of Wakanda. Why? Because it’s funny, that’s why!

Watch the official video below:

Now that Smith is no longer playing Deadshot in the DC Extended Universe, do you think it would be smart for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to sign him? If yes, who would you like to see the actor portray? Let us know in the comments below.

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Riley Jones (@moviemanjones)

Riley Jones (@moviemanjones)

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