WATCH: This Incredible Side-by-Side Video of Famous Moments and the Movies That Featured Them Via Vimeo

They say that life inspires art. In some cases, great pieces of cinematic art are inspired not just by life, but by very specific real world events. While bio-pics and historical dramas may not have the same box office appeal as the latest summer CGI blockbuster or whatever superhero story Marvel or D.C. is trotting out this quarter, movies like Man on the Moon and Jackie (and numerous others) are valuable pieces of cinematic history, telling the stories of notable human beings like entertainer Andy Kaufman or First Lady Jackie Kennedy, respectively.

Filmmaker Vugar Efendi has taken some of the most memorable moments from real history, like the Selma to Montgomery March or the public murder of Lee Harvey Oswald, and shows us the side-by-side shots of those same events in their dramatized recreations. It’s an incredibly interesting watch!