Lego Batman

Watch Lego Batman Meet The CW Superheroes In New TV Spot

Sure, this short TV spot may just be a bit of cross promotion for The Lego Batman Movie and the CW’s Arrowverse shows, but it sure is entertaining!

Watch as Lego Batman encounters members of the CW’s DC Comics superhero lineup — Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) from The Flash, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) from Arrow, Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) from Supergirl, and Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

The TV spot admittedly doesn’t do much with the CW characters, but at least it reveals that Batman clearly has no idea how to spell the word “Kryptonian.” Superman must be shaking his head right about now.

The Lego Batman Movie opens in theaters this Friday.

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)