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Warner Bros. Is Changing Its DC Movie Strategy Following Justice League’s Disappointing Box Office Performance

Warner Bros. is adjusting its approach to making superhero movies following the disappointing commercial and critical response to 2017’s big DC crossover movie, Justice League.

Warner Bros. Entertainment CEO Kevin Tsuijhara explained to The Wrap that the studio needs to find its own identity, rather than just copying Marvel.

“Warner Bros. Needs to continue doing what it’s always done, producing the biggest, most diverse slate in the business,” Tsuijhara explained.”That’s what’s made us successful. We can’t do what Disney’s done. It’s worked really, really well for them, but it’s not who we are. We need to continue to create a balanced slate of all types of movies and all genres.”

Much like how the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s success in recent years can be greatly attributed by Marvel Studios ditching its restrictive creative committee, Warner Bros. hopes that streamlining its own production process will lead to better, more successful superhero films.

The biggest behind-the-scenes change is the recent exit of marketing chief Sue Kroll, who had previously been part of a committee to greenlight new film productions. That power now solely belongs to Warner Bros. Picture Chairman Toby Emmerich, who in turn answers only to Tsujihara.

“Toby has green light, I have red light,” Tsuijhara said.

According to one WB insider, having fewer cooks in the kitchen will not only lead to better decisions on which films to make, but on how to market them as well.

“The bizarre decision not to have Superman included in the marketing stopped Justice League from potentially hitting $100 million opening weekend,” the insider told The Wrap.

Justice League was one of 2017’s biggest box office disappointments, as the $300 million production made just over $650 million worldwide when it should have earned close to $1 billion. It also made far less than the other 2017 DC release, the solo picture Wonder Woman, which earned an impressive $821 million worldwide.

(Source: The Wrap)


Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)