Transformers: Popular Character From The Cartoon Series Confirmed For ‘The Last Knight’

The official Transformers Twitter account has revealed a new character that will be joining the autobots in Transformers: The Last Knight next year.

The fifth live action Transformers film will introduce Hot Rod for the first time. The account made the announcement by tweeting a new picture of Hot Rod with the caption “Hot Rod: This is no cartoon. #transformers,” acknowledging the character’s popularity in the original cartoon series.

In addition to showcasing his new look, a mini-bio was also provided for the character, listing Hot Rod as “Bumblebee’s brother-in-arms,” while his personality is described as “brash, slightly arrogant, protector.”

Hot Rod’s inclusion adds fuel to speculation that The Last Knight will be a Michael Bay-ified take on the original Transformers: The Movie (1986). It’s theorized that Unicron will play a role in the film, as it’s been confirmed that Galvatron will transform back into Megatron (something that Unicron could accomplish too), and the introduction of Sqweeks, who looks to be a Junkion. In the original film, Hot Rod ends up becoming Rodimus Prime after the deaths of Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus.

The Last Knight is rumored to be Michael Bay’s last Transformers film and so far, it looks like he’s ready to go out with a bang. Whether or not the film will be any good is different story …


Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)