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Toronto Now Has a ‘Harry Potter’ Themed Bar

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Good news for wizards and witches who are above the legal drinking age in the city of Toronto. A new bar has opened that has a decidedly Harry Potter motif.

The Lockhart, named after Gilderoy Lockhart from the second Potter book/film, features potions and elixirs (read: alcoholic beverages) named from pieces of the Potter Universe, including “The Shacklebolt” and “Befuddlement Brew.” Other various easter eggs are scattered around the bar, although you might have to be a serious Potter fan to notice. There’s a hidden Deathly Hallows symbol and a neon sign that says “all was well,” a clever reference to the ending of the final book.


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“Without knowing any of the Harry Potter stuff, you already will think of this as a cool bar. You’d come here and see the stag’s head on the wall and go ‘Wow, I love that,’ but a Harry Potter fan might say ‘That’s a Patronus,’” co-owner Paris Xerx told Now Toronto.

The owners also say they are trying to figure out a way to serve Butterbeer, but the name is currently trademarked and served exclusively at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando. Not everything is Potter themed, though. You can still grab a regular drink or a bite to eat off their menu.

http://www.thelockhart.ca/home.html Via TheLockhart.ca

http://www.thelockhart.ca/home.html Via TheLockhart.ca