This 360 Degree Virtual Reality Movie Trailer Is Both Incredible And Creepy

We’ll tell you right now — this is so much cooler on your tablet or smartphone, so if you’re using a regular PC, just stop and go get your iPhone. Or a virtual reality helmet, if you have one (we don’t, and it makes us sad).

This trailer for the Canadian science fiction musical (yes, musical) film Bang Bang Baby had us literally passing the phone around the office so everyone could check it out. The ability to look around at all angles makes this the first fully immersive movie trailer we have ever seen. Add in a weird stranger and a very ominous ending and you can consider our interest piqued.

The movie premiered and won Best Canadian First Feature Film at Toronto International Film Festival. Search Engine Films is releasing it in Canada next Friday and Random Media will release it in November in the U.S. If the movie is anything like the trailer, this gem could be a breakout hit. The movie stars Justin Chatwin of Orphan Black fame and Jane Levy from Suburgatory.

(The 360 degree effect does work on desktop with the arrows or by dragging the video from side to side, but it’s soooooo much cooler on a smartphone. Just trust us.)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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