The “Star Wars Holiday Special” Should Only Be Watched As Punishment, Says Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill believes the Star Wars Holiday Special should only be watched as a form of punishment, and although we know he’s being sarcastic, the thought of actually being forced to watch the special on repeat does feel slightly terrifying.

If you happen to follow Mark Hamill on Twitter, you’ll know the beloved actor is well known for taking the time to read and respond to fans on social media. A few nights ago, one such fan reached out to Hamill on Twitter to ask the actor what his favorite Star Wars movie is and if he should let his 8-year-old son watch the Holiday Special, and as usual, California native’s response didn’t disappoint.

What are your thoughts on the Holiday Special? Are you one of the few who actually enjoys it, or do you prefer to pretend, like Hamill, that the film never happened? Let us know in the comments below.