Goliath Screencast

The Goliath Screencast #8 – The Oscars, Annihilation, Black Panther, and The Walking Dead

http://www.omaha.com/go/movies/reviews/review-annihilation-is-a-mind-bending-monster-movie-that-you/article_ca44bfe5-4a61-5ef5-994d-4951bfa2ea7e.html Via omaha.com

Welcome back to another episode of the Goliath Screencast!

This week, the Goliath crew react to the Oscars (spoiler alert: we’re not fans), plus our reviews of Black Panther and Annihilation, the hottest two movies of the past few weeks. On the television side of things, we break down the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead and try to figure out how it went from one of the best shows on television to… well, whatever it is these days (which isn’t very good).

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