The 10 Best Minion Moments

Minions: the lovable yellow characters who stole the show, and our hearts, when Despicable Me arrived in theaters during the summer of 2010. With their hilarious antics and entertaining dialect, it’s no wonder they’re set to star in their very own feature film Minions, hitting theaters this Friday, July 10th. To celebrate the upcoming release, we look back at the best minion moments to date.


While trying to escape Vector’s house with the stolen Shrink Ray, Gru and his two minion side kicks end up inside a dark tunnel of ducting. But no fear, minions are also glow sticks!


In the preview for Despicable Me 2, the minions showcase their musical talents by singing a song about their favorite fruit: bananas! Complete with party horn background music.


When Gru finishes tucking Margo, Edith and Agnes into bed, giving them bedtime kisses for the first time, he leaves the room only to find a group of minions hoping for the same treatment.


After Edith accidentally destroys Agnes’ unicorn toy, Gru sends the minions into town to get another one. But they must dress up in order to blend in.


During the end credits of the first Despicable Me, the minions play a game of who can reach farther. It gets so heated a referee needs to be involved.


While Gru is at the adoption agency, the minions are busy brainstorming, and live-updating, credentials for his resume. But not everyone is happy with what’s being typed, and a fight for the keyboard breaks out.


Bored at work one day, a minion decides to photocopy his butt, causing a fit of laughter amongst his friends every time they hold up a print out and say “butt.”


When practicing a call to Lucy to ask her out on a date, Gru gets frustrated with his telephone and melts it with a flamethrower, which promptly alerts the minion fire department to come to the rescue.


After gathering his clan of minions together, Gru begins an announcement about what they’re going to steal next. But before the big reveal, the minions get their weapons ready and Dave prematurely launches a rocket into the crowd.


Gru assigns the minions to babysit Margo, Edith and Agnes, but when he comes to check on things he finds them having a toilet paper party. Agnes is quick to lay the blame on Gru’s “cousin.”

Rachel Despres

Rachel Despres