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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Comic Reveals More About Luke’s Death


Right off the top: apologies if the headline of this story “spoiled” Star Wars: The Last Jedi for you, but you have had nine months to see it. Anyway, the last issue of Marvel Comics’ Star Wars: The Last Jedi Adaptation was released this week, which means that we now have the entirety of Episode VIII in comic book form. Illustrated by Michael Walsh and written by Gary Whitta, who co-wrote the script for Rogue One, The Last Jedi comic is actually a really great companion piece to Rian Johnson’s film and provides more insight into certain scenes from the film that may have left some fans wanting. For instance, the deleted scene where Luke learns of Han’s death is fully present in the comic and is arguably even more affecting.

Of course, one of the biggest sticking points for fans is Luke Skywalker’s overall characterization; a complaint that certainly wasn’t helped by the Jedi Master’s death at the end of the film. While The Last Jedi Adaptation probably isn’t going to sway your overall opinion on Johnson’s film, it does arguably make Luke’s death scene even better.

One of the biggest changes that Whitta’s comic makes is giving characters inner monologues. We hear Luke’s thoughts periodically throughout the series, right up until his death and honestly, it makes for a beautiful moment:

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While there is an argument to be made that none of this extra dialogue should be considered canon since it’s coming from a different writer, it doesn’t change the scene so much as it enhances it and provides more context. Fans already made the connection of Luke’s journey coming full circle from a visual standpoint, as the last thing he sees are twin suns setting; a familiar sight from his childhood on Tatooine. Here, we see that Luke is also aware of this connection, and that he is at peace with his death because he knows he will go on to become part of something bigger. Plus, the line about him “stepping into a larger world” is a nice callback to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s teachings and show that Luke has not forgotten the words of his first teacher, even after all these years.

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