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‘Star Wars’ Fan Theory Suggests That Rey Could Actually Be The Villain

There are a million and one theories about the Star Wars universe, especially with the advent of the new trilogy and subsequent spin-offs, but the latest one to gain traction suggests that Rey, arguably the main character of The Force Awakens, may ultimately end up being the new ‘Big Bad’ of the franchise. The theory revolves around the fact that Rey picked up her use of the Force so easily, reminding us of Yoda’s words that the Dark Side is “quicker, easier, more seductive”. Also, during her climactic battle with Kylo Ren, Rey is clearly acting out of anger and would have likely killed him had they not been separated by a conveniently-appearing chasm. In fact, Rey mentions that a voice actually whispers the words “Kill him” in the official novelization of the film. In addition, thus far Rey has only been exposed to the Force through watching Ren, which means she is most likely imitating Dark Side techniques. Even if Rey is not evil, she’ll clearly have to work through the darkness in herself if she wants to become a Jedi.

Could this theory prove true? Who knows, but we’ve got another year and a bit before we’ll even begin to find out the truth, so things like this are, at worst, harmless fun to pass the time!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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