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Star Trek Beyond: Simon Pegg Reveals Why Alice Eve’s Carol Marcus Wasn’t In The Film

Star Trek Beyond is one of the few bright spots in a disappointing summer blockbuster season; it’s a fun sci-fi film that goes a long way in making up for the lackluster previous film in the franchise, Star Trek Into Darkness. That being said, Beyond isn’t without its problems and one of the more common complaints that people have had is that Dr. Carol Marcus, a character played by Alice Eve who was introduced in Into Darkness, is nowhere to be seen. Not only that, the film acts as if she never even existed, despite setting off with the rest of the Enterprise crew on the ship’s five year mission at the conclusion of Into Darkness.

Fortunately, Star Trek Beyond co-writer Simon Pegg has cleared up this plot hole. On a recent episode of the Star Trek podcast, Pegg was asked about Carol Marcus’ absence in Beyond, and he explained that he and co-writer Doug Jung didn’t forget about her. Rather, they simply couldn’t find a meaningful place for her in the story and decided it would just better to omit her completely than have her play a minor, pointless role.

“We thought rather than have Carol Marcus be not used to a reasonable capacity, let’s just not include her, have her be alive, in canon, and be ready to come back at any time.”

Some may wonder why Pegg and Jung didn’t bother to explain away her absence in the film by having another character reference what she’s up to or some other way of acknowledging her continued existence. It turns out that there were plans to provide an in-universe reason for her absence, such as her working on the Genesis project, but as Pegg explains, this was from an earlier draft of the screenplay and didn’t make the final cut. Source: Paramount

It’s rather disappointing that Pegg and Jung weren’t able to find a way to include Marcus in Beyond, as she was woefully underserved by Star Trek Into Darkness, but perhaps it’s for the best. Certain members of the main Enterprise crew aren’t given a lot to do in Beyond, so it’s likely that Marcus would have felt even more shoehorned into the narrative had she been included. It’s possible we could see her again in Star Trek 4 (assuming it gets made) but by then, there really won’t be a need to bring her back, especially when it looks like the far more interesting Jaylah (Sofia Boutella) will be joining the Enterprise on its next mission.

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Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)